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  1. Thanks both of you :) wish you's both well for the future!
  2. Hey everyone, not sure if anyone around even remembers me now but I'd just like to thank everyone for the great times I've had here, both in-game with members of TIF and on the forums itself, it really was great. There was definitely some good people here, and I'm sure still is :) But yeah thanks to everyone who made my stay enjoyable, it really was! Special thanks to the members of the TMHT as that was my main reason for staying active on the forums while I did, might see people around in the future if I decide to browse the forums, but for now this may be my final goodbye <3
  3. Well apparently... http://www.oddee.com/Quickee_1097.aspx but yeah, it is your own fault if you play it, not the company who runs the game.
  4. It really isn't hard, I posted this as I was annoyed at the time. Smelly, they aren't doing it to stop people suing them, you realise that on world of warcraft some kid played it without eating/drinking/going to the toilet and he died. Did they get sued? No...
  5. it isn't a donation if you get paid fool :P Ambler is a fool, we all know that!
  6. Sorry all, I've been extremely inactive from RS lately, will be back soon and be available to host! Thanks for the patience Bluud
  7. Gotta love that person on same world as me displaying in my friends list 7 times.. Seems legit jagex
  8. Thanks everyone for attending the event, and thanks Drag for taking over, more than half of towns power went out for 24~ hours on/off so I was unable to get on to organise anything. Very sorry for any inconveniences!
  9. Yes, void is great, and yes I will add anything that isn't spear=half damage but bring gear you feel comfortable in really
  10. Corporeal beast March 23, 2013 Time and Date GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 11AM March 23, 2013 CET (Central European Time): 12PM March 23, 2013 MST (US & Canada Mountain Standard Time): 5AM March 23, 2013 EST (US & Canada Eastern Standard Time): 7AM March 23, 2013 [pending]red_1364036400[/pending] Server and Location World: Will be decided just before the event starts. Location: We will meet in the second cave outside the Corporeal beast's lair. The Boss The monster we will be fighting is the Corporeal beast! This boss is considered to be extremely HIGH RISK; however, its rewards are extremely profitable! Friend Chat Friends chat: TMHT Bluud Host: Ace of Bluud Inventory & Equipment We currently do not have any pictures of gear/inventory setups. A good melee setup would be full bandos with a zamorakian spear. You can swap bandos for barrows and zamorakian spear for dragon if needed! A good mage setup would be full ganodermic with polypore staff or virtus wand and farseer kiteshield. A good range setup is full armadyl with royal crossbow/zaryte bow, or handcannon for lower levels. Feel free to upgrade/downgrade gear as required for your budget and levels! Any weapons that are not spear weapons will only deal half damage on the corporeal beast! Requirements You MUST have completed the "Summers End" quest. It is HIGHLY recommended that you have a Medium-High combat level however it is not required. The Corporeal beast is a extremely HIGH RISK monster. If you die there will be NO grave. It is possible to get back to your items however it is likely that random events/internet issues could make your trip back much longer. Keep one thing in mind: ONLY RISK WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE. If you need any information about killing the corporeal beast you can refer to Tip.It's Corporeal beast guide
  11. Bluud


    That's due to the recent change to ability damage with magic. I know that
  12. Bluud


    Try wild magic with poly/gano a few times, you'll hit around 4-5k atleast once, depending on your magic level ofcourse.
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