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Mountain Daughter

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The new Fremennik lodestone has made this quest a lot easier. The lodestone is located in the middle between Relekka and the mountain camp, so when going back and forth between them, no matter in what direction you are heading, its easiest to teleport to lodestone, that means half distance is covered (teleport to lodestone, walk to mountain camp, do your stuff, teleport to lodestone , walk to relekka, do your stuff, rinse and repeat)


Svidi is walking around at the lodestone, so he is easy to find.


Regarding pickaxe and hatchet - toolbelt will work.


Transportation to White Wolf mountain - I suggest to mention Catherby and Taverly lodestones as ways of transportation.


And finally - as with so many other NPC's, the Kendal's combat level changed with EoC, it is now lvl 46



Please think before you ask a question. If you ask the right question, its much more likely you get the answer you are looking for :)




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