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Don't play RS anymore, still log into forums etc

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Mainly making this thread as a few idiots are going around pretending to be me still in order to try and get cash from people (asking for loans etc).
Firstly I never ask anyone for money, and secondary like I said, I have quit.

As this is a kind of farewell thread might as well say why I quit.

Just can't find anything fun in runescape, I hit the point where I didn't find anything but staking fun a long time ago, and EOC has hit staking hard, very very hard. All variation in staking has been killed, and to that point, all variation in runescape has been killed. I never found playing on a main that fun, have made so many different pures/unique accounts over the years, and that part of runescape has been cut off forever.
Haven't played for a good few months now, and can't really see myself playing again in the future.
I don't have anything of worth left to give out sadly, lost it all doing mad stakes once I got bored, don't regret that, aimed to lose when I set out.

As for runescape 2007, I can't see it staying permanently popular. My favorite period of runescape had always been the most recent period, right up until the EOC. Don't want to make this an anti-EOC rant, but it completely killed off all variants of pures, and made pvp boring and repetitive. Runescape 2007 is better, but it is massively lacking in content, + the matter of having to level my stats up, which I don't feel like doing anymore. Also the rares situation there is horrible, there is pathetic amounts of end game content to aim for.

I am still enjoying working on my runescape minecraft mod though, be sure to check it out, it is getting pretty big now.
Check it out, huge amount of effort has gone into this massive mod!
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Whats that? share your billions with HYT chat? sounds good!


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This is why EoC is bad. Not because the fact stakings not that great but as he said its taken alot of variation has been taken out. PVP is plain. Thats why most minigames are dead.

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