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OSRS - NMZ points and xp rates


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Hello. This is pretty unscientific as I'm merely recording my own data to come to a conclusion on which bosses are best to use as host, my combat stats do not remain constant, though I will try to adjust for differences and keep controllable things as consistent as possible.


Black Demon - Khazard Warlord - Bouncer - Tree Spirit - Count Draynor


3 hours of recorded data. 88 attack 88 strength. +123 slash, +126 strength. Whip.


226k/hour points


24714/hour hp xp

No prayer, 1 dose of super str/atk every 10 mins, which I intend to keep to in future.




This is one of the most common hosts you'll find. People speculate that replacing Black Demon with Kendal leads to more experience and less points. We shall see soon once I have some Kendal data.



Kendal - Khazard Warlord - Bouncer - Tree Spirit - Count Draynor 


To be tested.



Another very common host to find. This seems to be what most players consider the bext xp. We'll see.


Kendal - Khazard Warlord - Bouncer - Black Knight Titan - Count Draynor 


To be tested.



A rather uncommon variance on the more common types, titan has 255 lifepoints (same as demon and warlord) and fairly low combat. I personally suspect this may be the optimal xp/hour and also better points (Tree spirit sucks for points.)




I cannot really control which hosts are available when I decide to do NMZ, but I will try as many varieties as possible to try and come to a conclusion on which is the best mix. I would love to use one of those very rare dream mentor hosts as I suspect that would be great points, though I have never seen one of these before.


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Lol, it's a bad day for science, a good day for slayer... Just got a 230 black demon task, and I like to do those in NMZ (Afk 255xp per kill doing what I wanna do anyway? Yes please!) so I won't be able to grab any data from hosts other than black demons for a few days probably.


I will record some data of black demons with slay helm vs nezzy and also the slayer xp gains/hour though.


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Personally in dh at 98 str 90 atk I found the black titan one the best, but all the boosters had it and tree spirit also. Idk why they thought having 6 monsters would optimize anything


Noobs: We pay we say

JaGeX: How much will you pay?


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