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  1. Fair enough, but then I'm still at a lack of understanding why their output has been so lax for so long. How else could they justify the loss of playerbase to the investors? "People aren't playing because you guys cut our resources for content creation" vs "we are out of touch"
  2. Glad to see they scrapped the idea of losing 7 levels upon death: Also why cant I activate burth lodestone
  3. Cool tuska is sin and im tidus
  4. Did gravestones really need negatively reworked? A very large portion of deaths is related to lag/server dc anyways....
  5. Ive heard he was trying to fix the 6hr NMZ afking even though it didnt pass in the polls. If so thats idiotic to fire him, considering nerfing the free NMZ runes never passed either
  6. LOL jagex sold out to the one browser that doesnt even support RS. GG chrome goggles
  7. Probably would be even better to have aughild's shoulder/bracers and crudest boots with a mystical ally (assuming u have the ring of royal grandeur)
  8. Definitely not legal and stupid to steam doing so
  9. So they FINALLY made the abyssal titan hold more ess. Too bad RCing is dead
  10. Hardcore ironman + server issues = jimmies rustled
  11. Im glad he is leaving. You cant begin a tenure talking about removing all membership advertisements and years later add RWT and SOF promotions glore. Wow you removed gold farming and bots by making easyscape and adding bonds... Everything he has 'accomplished' never could reach the pre wildy days and its success anyway, no matter how hard Jagex tried to recapture the fanbase
  12. Jagex doesnt have anything against it but this does not mean you should expect them to cater towards such a lifestyle. What if PETA people threw a fit about killing cows, vegetarians didnt wanna complete cooks assistant etc.
  13. Using familiars at sub 60 levels is kinda pointless so stick to normal combat and just pick up charms. Picking up charms and creating pouches are how you gain xp and using the familiars is just the benefit to training. Kinda like how burying bones on an altar trains prayer but using actual prayers does not level you up. At your levels combat should be fine without summonings help, and most high level players only bring familiars to high level bosses (except bunyip which is great for slayer). The main familiars under level 95 don't do a lot of damage at all and instead are useful for storing items or healing. EOC made most familiars damage obsolete and jagex seems to not want to rebalance the stuff they threw off back in 2012. List of useful summons: Terrorbird (52): holds 12 items and scrolls recharge run War tortoise (67): holds 18 items Bunyip (68): Slowly heals you over time Fruit Bat (69): scrolls drop food to heal you Titans (79): decent damage and scrolls heal you Nihil (87): I have no idea what they do but since they are new im assuming theyre useful Univorn (88): Scrolls heal a ton Yak (96): holds 30 items Steel titan (99): scrolls do a ton of dmg Stick to picking up charms as you do combat and your summoning will rise quickly
  14. When will Jagex learn adding a 'hard-mode' isnt reviving shit and only looks lazy on the dev team for skimping out on content..
  15. I was lowest for like 5 months after comp (450.3m xp) but claiming sof lamps eventually brought me up. I didn't really 'try' for being lowest but I value levels and not xp.
  16. Sinkholes daily at XX:30. you can do 2 in the 15 minutes they open for and usually get better xp than Dging normally
  17. If the extra money's there, they don't care. Even if money is the cause of all corruption
  18. I would advise against getting it up to like 80's for the save in gp but yeah no reason to not train it to atleast 67 for tort/bunyip
  19. EOC should have more balanced results since 2h and duel weapons were scaled together AFAIK
  20. The kid bragging about it on his twitter provides so many avenues to have his personal info leaked
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