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  1. (information on making porters can be found on the RS wiki site- http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Sign_of_porter ) Enjoy :)
  2. What the title said: (sorry about the awful mic quality D:) Anyone had different results in eoc mode?
  3. Yeah I did note that lol, speed definitely makes a huge difference for legacy cause you basically one or two hit everything...
  4. Indeed it would appear Zaryte bow is more efficient for lower level monsters than the new 90 tier Noxious bow :o Anyone tested it out on anything else? COMPARISON AT ARMADYL GWD
  5. Just a quick video I made comparing three staves and their relative efficiencies- please check it out and feel free to correct me if any of my calculations are wrong!
  6. And that's good for me...
  7. Maul is great. CCB is a waste tbh, staff is pretty good, and the rest are inferior to drygore weapons, though make decent substitutes until the drygore weapons come down in price.
  8. Just a short video on how to recieve ridiculous rates of charms and xp in the eoc! http://youtu.be/fcFKhsxd624 Ratings and comments would be greatly appreciated!
  9. NeXT>President of France> France> Catholicism> Sacrament> God> Devil. Took longer than I'd expect... Pineapple.
  10. I like the story, but as the previous poster commented, it's quite hard on the eyes reading the paragraphs on a computer screen when they're not double spaced. You could even space out the dialogue, so it's easier to read. For example... "Hello," said Bob slowly. "So nice to meet you." "Indeed, it is quite nice to meet me." John replied, grinning. It all helps to make things easier to read.
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