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Keep trying, I want to see AS thrive again!

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I'll throw in some info here:


There have indeed been 'levelling tournaments', one had the KEX_ prefix for all participant names, and one had the KEG_prefix, and one had KOP_prefixes. One of those made it into a highscores category.


There have been attempts at building similar games, xn00bfreix ran a game called 'kickban.us' for a while. Turned out balancing was far from easy.


As for 'low magic' and 'low ranged':

If you have 'magic' below half your combat level, you gain an invisible strength rank.
If you have 'ranged' below half your combat level, you gain an invisible hitpoints rank.

If you have a HP rank of 4 or higher, you get a bonus strength rank of (HP rank-2).


Why is this relevant?
Let's apply it to a 6* hp (juggernaut) with low magic and low ranged.

If I recall correctly, the low ranged pushes it to a 7*hp, thus to a 5*str from that alone. The low magic then pushes it to 6* str.

Result: A shitload of HP (hard to kill), and when it hits you, it has a fairly high chance of landing a Crushing Blow (hitting you for 2x damage)


The low ranged option made many builds without a 2* HP more viable against the (at the time) highly overpowered 7* ranged snipers. Classic builds like a knight (2* att / def / str) or barbarians (att/str ranks) would always get instakilled by sharpshooters, often alot of levels lower. Given exp scales pretty much exponentially, this allowed sharpshooters to level up much quicker, throwing off the balance even more.


The very-well intended balancing act (my 2*att 4*hp giant utterly sucked), turned out to be a tad too efficient on the very high HP ranks, especially when combined with low magic and low ranged.



I have access to my accounts (vmser, 6* ranged now, never finished its conversion to sharpshooter and sir_tertle, battlemage), as well as lord_waldorg (explorer account!) and hehasnoidea. Out of courtesy to hehas, I don't use those accounts though.
I used to have access to thehates accounts aswell (archern00b, thevilpriest) but forgot password for those


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