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    timely haha we'll prob find MH370 before we get MH2019
  2. Saradomin_Mage


    How weird, we've got like 300+ guests online, and they mainly seem to be looking through old profiles / topics or using the search function for something.
  3. dude ban evaded to come back to a dead fansite to reply to a 2 year old post, increasing our member count by one. who's winning now huh?????
  4. No difference, the rewards are randomly decided when you open the casket.
  5. I have to assume so. Oh well, at least it outlasted RSC.
  6. Gear guide on the reddit wiki: https://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/wiki/equipment Consider picking up Masuta's Warspear and start slaying for cash. You will need 82 attack to use it though, so you might want to get that level first using a Saradomin sword.
  7. Swap out malediction ward for book of darkness if you have it. Otherwise any other magic boosting offhand will do. If you are completely new to bossing you may want to just use magic void instead of ahrims and maybe lower the number of switches to 3 (helm, cape/amulet/boots).
  8. real question is how is arenascape still running, not that I don't appreciate it but who's paying for that?
  9. yeah that's an ancient highscore shot from classic
  10. Steel dragons have access to the rare drop table, which used to include the rune 2h. As the rune 2h has been removed from the rare drop table, steel dragons will no longer drop it.
  11. You're on the lunar spellbook and you need to swap back to the standard spellbook.
  12. Could you post a picture of your spellbook?
  13. You're probably on Legacy combat mode if you only have those three options. To get the hat you need to activate EOC mode. Press ESC to open up the menu, select Game settings, then under the gameplay settings tab untick the Legacy Combat Mode box. If you've just come back to RS you might want to read up on Revolution which is an easier way to learn the new EOC mode.
  14. Verify that you are on the correct spellbook. Air strike should be the highlighted spell in the book on the left. If you see something like the book on the right you're not on the standard spellbook. If you're F2P you shouldn't have this problem. Selecting a spell from your book will not cast it, it will only load it up as your autocast spell. To move the wisps in Rune Mysteries, you need to select any wind spell as your autocast, have the mindspike equipped, and then click on the spellwisp to attack it.
  15. 1.1k kills since pet finished it like last week but fml so burnt out
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