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Budget Speaker Recommendations/Bass Guitar Portable Amp-thing

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Actually kind of a two-fer.


1. Looking for decent speaker system (preferably with a sub) that will last me 3-5 years using pretty much just for casual music/gaming on my laptop. The stock speakers are garbage and I can't always use headphones. I just have on board sound with RealTek and/or AMD (idk, sound cards aren't my thing). Looking to spend <$50 USD, thinking about either these or these on Newegg.


Thing number 2: I play bass for fun and occasionally in my college pep band. I'd like a decent portable thing that I can be heard with that is battery powered and not too heavy. I'm willing to do a little electrical work to make that work but am nowhere near a hobby electrician or anything like that. I've got the stuff to build a Ruby pre-amp with a more bass-y feel but no speakers or anything to hook that to. So any ideas or thoughts about this? The general use of this amp is for practice with headphones as it runs on a 9V but it can drive a cab too... I know they make the HoneyTone amp for guitars but also that it is really bad with bass levels. So I guess a super bassy speaker (on the smaller side, and battery power-able) if anyone has suggestions or things I can hack together?

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