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Signature/Avatar/Graphics Shop

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It's almost summer and I havn't been doing much lately so I thought I'd start making general graphics for people. I'm fluent in Photoshop and can pretty much cover these areas:


- Signatures (general/RS themed, no pixels)

- Avatar (general/RS themed)

- Buttons

- Banners

- Logos


I'll provide some resources for a headstart:


Stocks: sxc.hu, I have an account there so a link to the specific image would be fine.

Renders: Planetrenders,


If you have a certain look in mind for anything, please provide an image something similar to what you want, or explain the best you can.


The format that you can copy/paste and fill out is this:




*Not every area has to be filled out*


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Size: 450x150 ish

Render: Mrazek Render (sorry about the left bit, I missed it)

Stock: http://imgur.com/PNtUfCx <- if you could work that into the background or something that would be awesome


Notes: Anything goes, it's Petr Mrazek of the Red Wings/Griffins, if you find a pic of him you like better, go for it.

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Never encountered a sports-themed sig before




Might rework on it later with a different approach


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Size: 360x120 or actually whatever you like.

Render: http://planetrenders.net/The-Kid-PSD65489.html

Name: By Soa

Make me proud.



So I've noticed this thread's regulars all follow similar trends.


RPG is constantly dealing with psycho exes.

Muggi reminds us of the joys of polygamy.

Saq is totally oblivious to how much chicks dig him.

I strike out every other week.

Kalphite wages a war against the friend zone.

Randox pretty much stays rational.

Etc, etc


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Size: Avatar limit



Name: 852ttaM

Notes: RS themed just RS3 logo or use the Magic & Strength Skill icons.

Going for 200M All Skills on Matt258. [qfc]48-49-837-63099395[/qfc]

@Matt258RS Twitch: Matt258RuneScape

My Youtube user name: birdman258 200MCook ProfitCook 200mPrayer MakinWines MyF2pSkillers

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