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  1. 852ttaM

    Count Up

    1,109 Working 6:30 to 11 pm tonight. Getting a new computer tomorrow!
  2. 2017 Spices "8472" & the Borg was in Voyager!
  3. 852ttaM

    Count Up

    1,107 We didn't get any baby chickens yesterday since they were sold out of the ones we wanted. Working 1 to 10 pm.
  4. 21,414 Worked 5:30 to 10 pm yesterday. I helped on the grocery side til 7:30. A customer asked me where the microwaves were & I pointed in the direction. She said she was in a hurry since she had some bicycles in the back of her truck. I said that I will show her where they are. She picked one out on the top shelf & I got it. Went to checkout & out to her truck. She was very thankful. Day off today :) Had some rain earlier. We were going to get some baby chickens today but they were sold out of the ones we wanted.
  5. 852ttaM

    Count Up

    1,105 Yesterday was pretty busy since it was only me & 2 other cart attendants til 5 pm. Usually have like 5 or 6 people by 5 on Fridays. I was by myself on the Grocery side from 1:30 til 4. Working 5:30 to 10 pm today & tomorrow.
  6. 21,416 I'm sure that he will come here sometime :) (Just post on something that he has posted on & leave your little message!) Working 10 to 7 pm
  7. 21,418 Indeed! It wasn't to busy yesterday but it rained @ 9 pm so I had to get another cart attendant to help me with a carryout. They got one of those mini refrigerators. Went to a friends house after I got off. Day off today :) My brother is coming over tonight so we will probably watch a movie.
  8. 21,420 Ah yeah my bad I didn't check it ^ Our Internet was down from 11:30 til 6 pm yesterday :( I watched The Scorcher Trials & Fast & Furious Seven. I got up @ 9:30 Am since I kept waking up & going back to sleep a lot last night. Working 5 to 9:30 pm
  9. 852ttaM

    Count Up

    1,103 Helped a little bit on the new fence this morning & watching the Nascar race :)
  10. 21,422 Day off today, tomorrow & Monday unless I get called in. Today I helped my parents put up some new fence posts on their new property. Will probably finish putting up the fence stakes & out the fence up tomorrow.
  11. Congrats! He is a very nice person, really helpful :)
  12. 852ttaM

    Count Up

    1,101 Indeed :) Working 5 to 9:30 pm
  13. 21,424 Worked 8 to 5 yesterday. Only have 1 quickcart again since one messed up yesterday. I had to wait til 1 to go to lunch since it was only me & 1 other person. Went to the GM side when I got back & helped push in buggies. D.V. : It just makes it a lot easier now for Skillers since only need to be wearing the Skill cape to not burn anything. Before had to use the Death touch darts to get the Cooking guantets. Working 2 to 11 today
  14. 852ttaM

    Count Up

    1,099 Indeed it needed one thanks. Day Off today :) Might get a haircut later
  15. 21,426 Yeah it is nice to talk to someone IRL about RS. Worked 8 to 5 yesterday. It was busy glad someone came in @ 10 to come help me on the Grocery side. Working 5 to 9:30 today & tomorrow unless I get called in early. I don't like the Cooking Skillcape perk :( Makes it to easy should still need to get Cooking gauntlets.
  16. 21,429 Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I am Off today since someone needed to have Friday & Saturday off so I had to switch with them. We got a new Cart Attendant last week & he plays RS! Tomorrow & Thursday I work 8 to 5 & Friday 2 to 11 pm so I'll have a little bit of time to do Bonus Exp on my Level 3 Skiller.
  17. 21,432 Worked 8 to 5 yesterday. We only have 1 quick cart now since the other battery in the remote went out. Someone came in @ 10 & I just had to line up all of the buggies & he would bring them all in. He came to help me on the GM side @ 1. We can still use the other quick cart but someone has to be in the back to use the manual throttle & someone in the front to guide the buggies. Day off today & tomorrow unless I get called in.
  18. 852ttaM

    Count Up

    1,097 Yeah I will try to :) It has been alright so far. Now I get Days Off & short days. Working 2 to 11 pm
  19. 21,434 Ah yeah thats right. Been a while sine I have played Yahtzee or Dice with Friends (Facebook game). Worked 8 to 5 pm today. It didn't get busy until 10. They sent out a cashier to help me & the other cart attendant. I went to lunch @ 1:14 & someone came in @ 2. I just helped on the Grocery side when I got back.
  20. 21,436 Yesterday I had a Day Off :) Just played RS & watched some Football. Working 10 to 7 pm. Hope it doesn't rain later.
  21. 852ttaM

    Count Up

    1,095 Hope you all have a Good 2017! Working 1 to 10 pm
  22. I think it means "General Management". 21,438 "General Merchandise" Worked 9:30 to 6:40 yesterday. I was on the GM side & it wasn't to busy. I had to wait til 2 to go to lunch since it was only me & one other cart attendant til 1. I am glad that it warmed up to like 55 better than the last 2 days of 22 & 27 degrees. Watched a little bit of the College Football Championship game. Day off today :) My dad just gave me 6 packs of Life Savers candy. About to go eat breakfast then need to help fold up some tarps.
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