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Elite Workshop | OSRS | EHP Skilling clan


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Elite Workshop | #EliteWS | "EliteWS" Clan chat | Our forums


Founder - Rjk

Co-Owners - Jacks0n & Ruskmaster2


Members - 19



Elite Workshop was founded on the 20th January 2015 and is a skilling clan that is aiming to grow into one of the most succesful clan in Old School Runescape. With members from all around the world, we hope to have the perfect home for you in your Runescape life. We strive to be the best and are always on the look for new members to join our clan and community. If you think this is for for you, keep reading! The clan is EHP based. EHP being Efficient hours played. The requirement for that is 250. You can find your EHP at www.crystalmathlabs.com and typing your acc name there. On the right hand sight, once you've tracked yourself on the right hand side of the page it will tell you. If you need any help at all, a member in the Clan chat will help you out.




  • Requirements -


Smiley - Future member/Clan friend


Recruit - 250+ EHP


Corporal - 500+ EHP


Sergeant - 750+ EHP


Leiutenant - 1000+ EHP


Captain - 1250+ EHP




  • How to apply -


The application goes through our thread on the RSOF. We aim to have off-site forums in the future and that will then change to those. However until then, you can only apply on that thread. The only requirement needed is the total level. One of the Generals will respond to your application as soon as they can. At which point, we'll hopefully be welcoming you as the newest member of the clan!


  • What we expect from you -


You are able to put the clan before yourself


You are able to act mature when needed


Try your best to be active


Last but not least, enjoy yourself, have fun!


  • Features -

We aim to have a weekly event every Saturday at Tears of Guthix. This is just a small meet and greet and normally lasts around 15 minutes. This isn't a mandatory event. But is a great way to see each other quickly ingame and meet new members.


Clan competitions are held twice per month. They are week long. The winner of the previous competition gets reward with a General rank in the Clan chat as well as getting to choose the next competition. The competitions are not mandatory. Mereless just friendly competition within the clan.


Monthly Overall trackers.


Unique Skilling wars(coming soon when the clan expands!)


Minigame help




  • Closing words -

Need any skilling tips or general help? Then pop into our Clan chat andask. We're more than happy to help you with your questions about skilling, or just Runescape in general. Thank you for reading this. We hope to see you ingame and hopefully a member of Elite Workshop!


~ Elite Workshop Leadership

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