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Hello everyone, had a couple questions.

Who would like to help me raise my dungeoneering level up?

I'm looking to get a group of 5 to raise it as fast as possible so I can have 80-90 Dungeoneering, i'm only 57 at the moment.

My stats are below (Ignore the 0 QP, I have no idea how to find out how many QP I have)


As for the slayer question, who would like to do some co-op slayer tasks with me?
I recently just got my account back after getting hijacked, so I only have guthan's armor and an abyssal whip+Dragon Defender, but co-op slayer seems fun considering it wasn't around when I used to play.





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Ill be interested in dging/co-cop salyer with you. :)
add me in-game - Caameron

Runescape is a haven..


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To answer your question about the Quest Points, you can find out how many you have by clicking the compass icon on the ribbon bar in EoC, and it will display at the bottom-left corner of that interface. You can also find out from your Adventurer's log or from quickchat by searching 'I have ... Quest Points.'


I'm also moving your topic to Events where it's better suited :).

"Fight for what you believe in, and believe in what you're fighting for." Can games be art?






My blog here if you want to check out my Times articles and other writings! I always appreciate comments/feedback.

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