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Gu Outfit Pieces


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I started the other topic so that Teemupets could make his post inside it, but apparently the problem wasn't linked to the topic title. Lol.


Anyway when you guys eventually find this post, here are the Gu outfit items.


Gu hakama (legs - Teemupets posted this)

Gu uwagi (body)

The Way of Gu (cape)

Mask of gu (head)



Worn equipment pictures, plus examines in order:




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Seeing that technology is no longer against us... maybe this info helps a bit


Gift of Gu: http://gyazo.com/a40...19d08a1875c435b


Gu Hakama (skirt): http://gyazo.com/a27...1e04487c775ef10


Additional info:


Gift of Gu weights 13 kg. It seems to contain certain pop items (helmets/50% superior scrims/darts/gu items). I donated 100k chimes (because... why not?) and received tetsu helmet and gu hakama from gift so 25k+ chime donation seems to also yield one cosmetic item you don't already own. You cannot receive or send out another Tengu's special voyage before you have opened your parcel. (If you go talk to him about clue focus, he suggests you to open up your gift instead of giving you an option to donate.)


Gu Hakama is a cosmetic item that seems to weight nothing. If destroyed, it can be reclaimed from Diango.


Hope this helps. I might try to get more of these voyages but Tengu seems to have been lazy lately. Happy late Easter and have a good (working) week!



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Somehow it's not letting me access the other threads. The last time this occurred I was told it was due to it flagging security issues. In any case thanks for re-posting, I'll have a look later ;).

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