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What does that Like a Post thing do?


I got I think 4 likes but can't find them?


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It's for showing support or agreement to a post someone else made when you don't necessarily have more to add.


Ie instead of having people quoting a post and just writing +1 or just saying 'yeah what X said is exactly how I feel' then just hit the like button.


Then readers of the thread can see one post expressing a view, but also see that other users agree as they have liked it instead of wading through a whole page of +1 posts that don't add any discussion value. 

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To find your liked posts, go to your profile and click the 'Likes' button on the left hand column to view a list. You can see both likes you have received and likes you have given other posts by changing the option in the top left of the list there, right below your status :).

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