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Best Spots to Level Range from 79-99? (Haven't played in 6+ years)

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I've recently just returned to playing again after being gone for 6 years or maybe even longer. The most I've done was get get 94 fishing, finally maxed out 99 defense to complete all 99 melee combat skills and now working on getting 80 prayer. I'm debating on either working on range/mage after but need advice on where to train ranging for fast xp at. I'm 79 range at the moment and since I'm an "old timer" player, I bought 300k steel arrows to train the "old way" but I don't know a good spot anymore since the game's expanded so much. I would have chosen the Greater demons at the cave near Yanille since that is where I use to train ranging so if anyone has a better suggestion please let me know.

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Hello, welcome back! Since Evolution of Combat, many of the older methods have been outdated. In particular using lower level ammo is not recommended, as the ammo is now used as a base for your damage on most ranged weaponry. Before, you would have a ranged stat for the bow and the arrows would give a little extra to top it off, which made it cheap and effective. Now the ranged weapon, for the most part, simply determines the accuracy. Also (assuming you're on EoC), you use relatively little ammunition when training, also making it much more cost-effective. I'm not sure what bow you're using but it's probably worthwhile to upgrade ammo or it will take several times longer to train up. You could also get a crystal bow, which has no ammo, but degrades after a certain amount of time in combat.


In terms of training spots, there are several decent ones. Greater demons are still good (Taverley dungeon is a nice place to hunt them down), or you could try Rorairi (Slayer monsters, takes 81 Slayer), aviansies in GWD (collect noted adamantite bars & assorted drops to bring in some money), or grotworms in the QBD lair just east of Rimmington (the encampment straight north of Port Sarim lodestone, requires completing an easy quest), or waterfiends, which infamously drop lots of crimson charms for Summoning later on.


If you have enough funds/confidence in your ability you can fight Kree in GWD, but be forewarned that unless/until you get an armadyl drop, there will not be much profit as the drop table is fairly weak.


The outright fastest way would be using chinchompas in the abyss, but bear in mind this will incur a moderate cost as you throw the explosive chinchompas (something in the ballpark of a few gp/xp last I tried).

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^Worth noting though the "use low level ammo" thing was mostly for cheapness which is not so much of an issue in modern day RS.


Broads, Royals & Ascensions round out the upper tiers of bolts and are all dirt cheap.

And similarly Dark, Wild and Araxyte arrows don't cost a lot and make up the top tiers.


Stack that with EoC not using a lot of ammo and its very very cheap stuff.


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