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Most efficient way to start a main?

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Hey! I came back to RS after a 4 year hiatus or something like that.

I started a F2P account like a week ago and have been doing flipping and a little bit a combat mainly.


I've made about 7.5m so I thought it would be a good idea to buy a bond now and start this account off as my main.


Now, the problem is even though I've played runescape for a long ass time I've never played a P2P main, I only ever played Level 3 Skillers. So I don't know where to start off with a main and the bond only last half a month.

I know it's not hard at all to make 2.5m during that time but I'd like to maximize my efficiency specially regarding what quests to complete first and whether I should do Achievement diaries or not.


Everything will be pretty new to me as I didn't explore most areas with my skiller, never have done firecape or gotten barrows gloves, void set, done slayer, etc..

Guess I just want some guidelines to know what is "mandatory" to start off with on a main.


My stats are 


41atk 57str 40def 25mag 10pray

11mining 29smith 55cook 19fire 51wcing


Rest is level 1. Every F2P quest is done except for dragon slayer.



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I'm not as familiar with OSRS as RS3 but some good things to get going on would be farming (herb) runs, slayer tasks, farming ecumenical keys, and of course some of the easier quests that give nice rewards. The lower level you are when doing it, the greater a marginal benefit you'll obtain. If you're looking for a specific suggest order, try here for a start.

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Oh god, that link is exactly what I was looking for, and couldn't find something similar using Google.. Thanks a bunch!

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