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The Wilderness Guardians | Social, PvP and PvM Clan with Discord | Active Since 2003


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100+ combat with 82 Magic OR 100+ combat with 85 ranged OR 1250+ overall


How to Find Us

Website: http://www.wildernessguardians.com/

Forums: Board Index | How To Join

RS3 Clan Chat: Wilderness Guardians

OSRS Friends Chat: "WG_CC"

Home Worlds: 27 RS3 / 327 OSRS

Discord: Voice and Text Chat

IRC Channel: #wg_lobby (no longer in use)

YouTube: WildernessGuardians

Twitter: @wildguardRS

Twitch: WildernessGuardians

Reddit: WildGuardRS



Click the image above to be taken to the Wilderness Guardians website.

Advisor in Wilderness Guardians

Honourary Member in Clan Europe

Ex-Leader Of Descendant Guardians and True Supremacy

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