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Returning to the game


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I want to return to Runescape but the amount of new content and updates looks a little overwhelming. I know it's on me to go through and read about everything but I was hoping I could just get some guidance on what I should start doing and where to focus my playing at first.


To give a general idea of what was going on when I stopped playing, Araxxor had recently dropped. It was before the new elven place for higher leveled players. And maybe something was coming out as an addition to Godwars? I don't exactly remember.


I haven't played since the Invention skill so some help or useful guides thrown my way would be awesome. It's been awhile since I've logged so my signature with my skills doesn't work, but I am max combat level, 99 slayer, 99 herb, and some other 99s. No skills below 82 with the obvious exception of invention.


Thanks in advance,



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The area you are thinking of would most likely be Prifddinas - a high level skilling hub with great experience rates for skills like Mining, Smithing, Agility, Fishing, Thieving, and a slew of other skilling options. Unlocking that would be an obvious first thing to work towards, though I'm guessing you already have most of it. The requirement to get in is completion of the quest Plague's End, which requires the rest of the elf quest line and requires 75 in a bunch of skills, a requirement you already meet.


This summer they released God Wars Dungeon II, otherwise known as The Heart, off in the middle of the desert by Uzer. There is an associated miniquest with it that I believe unlocks the ability to teleport there, which is a good shortcut. It contains four bosses that you can solo or team up with friends. Unlike the original GWD they are not quite a pushover and require a few tactics to kill, but I would say it's readily doable even in solo once you practice a bit. If you die, you can then teleport back and get stuff from your grave. There is also a solo-only, much more difficult boss in the center called Telos, which requires defeating all four of the generals and assembling a sigil from pieces dropped.


Invention is essentially augmenting items and training them using divine energy as a power source. Then, you either siphon off the experience or destroy the item. To get started you should try the tutorial in the invention workshop north-east of Falador lodestone. After that you can use a couple of cheap items to level up a bit, like black salamanders, until you unlock siphoning at least. At that point you can augment better weapons and armor and train those up, and siphon as needed if you want to do something like PvM or higher level Slayer. Or, you can keep using black salamanders/other cheap alternatives and afk on hellhounds, dark beasts, etc...it's pretty much another Slayer skill but with training weapons.


I'm not sure if that completely answers your question, but feel free to write back or pm me (Arceuus in game) and can try to help out.

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Yea that is useful thanks. I'm sure I am able to enter Priffdinas, I just haven't yet. I just wanted to get some opinions from active players in case there was a "you definitely need to do this first.." type of thing. 


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