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  1. I was in the same boat as you. I, however, knew I wanted to return but had little motivation trying to figure out what to do. I started an ironman account and it revitalized my urge to play, and let me experience the game in a new way, while learning the changes slowly. It may not be the right choice for you, but it may be something you want to at least look into.
  2. Recently started playing again, it has been about 2 weeks since I've been back, so forgive me for asking questions in which the answers are general knowledge. Anyway, let's get into it. 1. When I had stopped playing dual wielding was the big thing. Now it seems that 2h weaponry is preferred. I have dual drygore maces, and dual ascensions. my magic weapon is still a chaotic staff because I was never able to afford seismics. Assuming I am doing an even split of slaying and bossing, am I better off switching to 2h? And if so, are t85 2h better than t90 dual wield? I am building my bank up now so It will be a little while until I can afford t90s. 2. I remember getting rid of my dragon defenders before I stopped playing because I assumed they were useless. Now apparently there are T70, 80 and 90 versions that require boss drops to create, and defenders in general now have much more useful benefits. Are they worth getting? In that case, I would need to keep my dual wield weapons I assume. I would be starting from bronze to get the defenders again so I want to know how good they are before I invest the time into getting them. Thanks in advance, Vlead
  3. I have been away for over a year now, and I want to start PVMing again. I have a few questions though concerning gear, and making some money to afford the high level gear to do the high level bosses. 1. What weapons are the best/meta right now? I have drygores and ascensions, but should I be working towards noxious? The prices plummeted since I last played so I would need to earn around 50m. 2. Same question but with respect to armor. I have tank armor from PoP, but I have no power armor. I hear I should work towards the anima core stuff. Is it possible to solo and earn those myself? 3. Finally, if tank armor or t70/t75 isnt enough, what is the best thing I can do to earn money right now? PVM or otherwise. My stats are in sig. I am only sitting on ~15m cash right now, plus the drys and ascensions. So i need to earn some regardless. Thanks, Vlead
  4. Okay I will. Thanks for the tip
  5. Yea that is useful thanks. I'm sure I am able to enter Priffdinas, I just haven't yet. I just wanted to get some opinions from active players in case there was a "you definitely need to do this first.." type of thing.
  6. I want to return to Runescape but the amount of new content and updates looks a little overwhelming. I know it's on me to go through and read about everything but I was hoping I could just get some guidance on what I should start doing and where to focus my playing at first. To give a general idea of what was going on when I stopped playing, Araxxor had recently dropped. It was before the new elven place for higher leveled players. And maybe something was coming out as an addition to Godwars? I don't exactly remember. I haven't played since the Invention skill so some help or useful guides thrown my way would be awesome. It's been awhile since I've logged so my signature with my skills doesn't work, but I am max combat level, 99 slayer, 99 herb, and some other 99s. No skills below 82 with the obvious exception of invention. Thanks in advance, Vleademir
  7. I always took a different approach when I entered a new region. I thought you should always get the rudder first to decrease mission times. Ship parts always came first and crew was the last thing you obtain. That's what I thought the recommended route was anyway
  8. I know a lot of people mix and match the sets and use the mainhand mace for its prayer bonus, and an offhand rapier or something
  9. Totems of wisdom, the wisp things you can equip (their name escapes me at the moment), muspah familiar, bxp, diviners robes
  10. Thanks i'll give that a try :)
  11. Yea i've gone back to using the rhino with the yak ability. Im using void, dragonbane, ccbs, vamp aura etc. Im managing to get roughly 2:15-2:30 kills which im fine with, but I just want to perfect the ability rotation because I feel like it can speed it up even more. When should I be using death's swiftness? Right now i'm just using basics until thresholds, then just spamming thresholds for the most part. Any suggestions?
  12. So in a previous post I've learned that since the buffs to QBD apparently it is easier to range than melee now, maybe even easier to range than before. My kills are still a little shaky because I've never ranged before, but sometimes I can manage 2 kills per ovl, sometimes i cant. What should my setup be? With void am I still soulsplitting or do I protect ranged? Should I be using a yak or steel titan? And anyone with a recommended ability rotation/plan would be awesome! Thanks, Vleademir.
  13. okay awesome. also, i've never done qbd with range is there a recommended ability rotation to use?
  14. Could I still effectively range with chaotic xbows and void? Part of the reason I am trying to get a larger cash pile is to buy ascensions :P
  15. I don't know how much capital you have to start, but notepaper for the bones and signs of the porter to auto-bank the hides should make that cake. Again, that's assuming you have some money to start. Vleademir.
  16. So with buffs to qbd and some other monsters I was wondering if the money made per hour has changed for pvm monsters? Or are there any that legacy is better to use on now? I personally have tried qbd since the update and it seems significantly harder. Not too hard that I cant do it but hard enough that it probably would have an effect on the gp/hr earned. Just wondering if anything would be more per hour than qbd now. Also I want to get dreadnips for various reasons, one being that I hear it makes the jads during kiln a joke, but my question is what is the best method for me to get the kills in dom tower? I've been doing climber and i'm at about 100 kills. Just wondering if that's the fastest/best method to do. Thanks, Vleademir
  17. I have a feeling no one is going to answer this because you are asking entirely way too much I think. Train slayer for combat, do dailies, and quests as you are able to do them. As far as other skills, that is entirely up to you when and how to train them. I would train herblore early so you can always pot in combat, fish/cook early for food, summoning to get a decent bob and eventually bunyip. That's about all I can think of right now. Hope I helped at all :P
  18. Soul split is nice but I think curses aren't recommended until turmoil etc. I would say that herblore is better to put money in. What I said above is strictly if you were choosing between paying for both. Warbands for herblore and paying for prayer is definitely a more monetarily efficient way to go however.
  19. GWD armor will suffice and it doesn't degrade which is good. I don't think there is a need for any tier above those. I could be wrong however
  20. I am pretty sure the gauntlets work for superheating yes
  21. getting chaotics should be your priority before anything else. that will significantly increase your money making potential
  22. They just added the customizable ribbon so you can play around with that to set which interfaces you want and which you don't. Like above poster said not sure if that's what you were asking :P
  23. Ok thank you very much, that was my only issue regarding qbd
  24. I'm going to hijack this with a related question. I remember seeing somewhere a picture or video of specific spots to stand so that you can easily click a direction when the souls spawn and the damage hits them instead. I don't know if this was doable with melee or if it was ranged. If I am correct could someone please post the picture? Thanks
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