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I have been away for over a year now, and I want to start PVMing again. I have a few questions though concerning gear, and making some money to afford the high level gear to do the high level bosses.


1. What weapons are the best/meta right now? I have drygores and ascensions, but should I be working towards noxious? The prices plummeted since I last played so I would need to earn around 50m.


2. Same question but with respect to armor. I have tank armor from PoP, but I have no power armor. I hear I should work towards the anima core stuff. Is it possible to solo and earn those myself?


3. Finally, if tank armor or t70/t75 isnt enough, what is the best thing I can do to earn money right now? PVM or otherwise. My stats are in sig. I am only sitting on ~15m cash right now, plus the drys and ascensions. So i need to earn some regardless.





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1. Technically the best is the new t92 stuff from Telos, but those are unfortunately several billion each at the moment. For range, ascension c'bows are actually slightly higher dps than their nox counterpart, the noxious longbow. The only disadvantage is that they have a much shorter range if you are doing something where you need to move around a lot. A scythe, however, is highly advantageous as it is halberd class and can swipe at opponents from two squares away, allowing you to evade melee attacks in most cases, and is much more effective in clearing out multiple targets. There is a dragon rider lance as well (~30M), which is functionally a scythe with slightly less damage. On the magic side noxious staff is actually much cheaper than the other t90 equivalent, which are seismic wand and orb. Short of that a wand of the crywyr elders, staff of darkness, or the seasinger wands from Player-owned Ports are all cheaper alternatives.


In most cases, they are essentially equivalent, with only real differences being preference for one or two abilities and the chance to swap to a shield when needed. Scythe is the notable exception.


2. I haven't done higher level bossing but t70 seems mostly adequate and t80 (the anima core armor) seems very comfortable. For example if you go to Kree with ascension c'bows and soul split, you should be able to camp there indefinitely with t80 armor or even t70. Ports is even better but you will end up paying money to repair it once in a while. If you wanted to go kill Vorago, Rise of the Six, Raids, etc., you would probably need higher level armor due to requirements that teams impose.


It is possible to go solo and work toward the armor by selling all the drops. Making them yourself might be awhile though. I am only a sample size of one but I have yet to get one crest, which would make one piece of one set of armor, in almost 400 kills. (I did get a wand & lance though). It's kind of personal preference though - if you are good and efficient at it you could probably make more money, or you could just go kill frosties if you find that less tedious.


3. You have maxed stats, access to overloads and curses, so you have plenty of options available to you. The best method would be Araxxor, but it requires some skill and practice to learn. It also requires a large number of kills to obtain all three tradeable pieces of a spider leg before you can sell it and make your first big profit, and eats a large amount of supplies, but regular drops aren't bad either. There's also GWD1, the GWD2 bosses like I mentioned above, and QBD as viable solo options. It is hard to say what the profit per hour is for each individual boss because it depends on a large number of factors (of which luck is only one), but I think Wiki has some estimates for a few if you are interested.

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