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Hello all,


Rather than type and format everything every time we change something, I'll give you a few links and an overview:


Eternal Division recruitment thread (RSOF)


Eternal Division Discord server (...Discord)



We're a teaching PvM clan with no requirements to join (ideally 100+ combat, but that's up to you). The earlier you start understanding the basics, the quicker we can get you tanking Yakamaru and being a pro DPSer at Nex: Angel of Death. ;)


To join in teaching sessions / pvm events, you'll need the rank the host decides. Our ranks are based off boss kc's, gear and levels so as you do more bossing, you'll gain a higher rank and be able to participate more.


If you would like to join us, you can: post in our Discord; on our RSOF thread; join our clan chat in game and ask for an invite or PM me directly in game.

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