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Eyrelex II

Back after 6 years...

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Hi everyone,


My name is Eyrelex (added the 'II' cause I couldn't for the life of me remember what my password was for my original account), but anyways I used to frequent these forums quite often back when I was an active player. However, after my account was hacked in 2011 I pretty much quit playing even though at that point I was already far less active than I was when I first started playing and really only logged in for the holiday events.


So why am I back? Well over the years I would think about coming back on every once in a while but thinking about how overwhelmed I thought i'd be by all the updates that happened since I quit held me back. I still remember how confused I was with dungeoneering when it was first released which coincidentally was around when I began moving away from RS, ironically though I have been addicted to dungeoneering in the couple days since I started playing again. Back to why I came back though, well i'd been revisiting an old game (Aidyn Chronicles, a very underrated N64 title in my opinion) and it got me feeling really nostalgic about RS for some reason, so after I finished my playthrough I decided to login for the first time in over 6 years. After my first hour or so I was happy to see that even though the game had obviously gone through some major updates it still felt very familiar, and I applaud Jagex for being able to make improvements to the game but keeping the essence of RS intact. One update I was especially happy to see is the tool belt which is very similar to a suggestion I made over 10 years ago on these forums (you should be able to find it if you search "Eyrelex Pocket Slot").


So what now? Well i'm finally working to try to recover everything I lost when I got hacked but at the same time i'm also just enjoying rediscovering a game that I had alot of fun with back in the day. I'm thinking about using this thread to keep track and update as I recover my items even though I haven't been able to recover much yet other than full zammy.


Items I Lost:

- Full Zammy (recovered) - wow this has gotten alot cheaper, and as a side note I love how my 10 year veteran cape matches.

- Full Wiz (g) - what happened here? I'm pretty sure i got this for about 1 mil or maybe even less when it first came out.

- Full Greed Dhide (g) - more reasonable than wiz (g) but still i'm sure i paid way under 1 mil when this came out.

- Full Black (g) - again, pretty sure this was way cheaper...

- Full Black (t) - can't remember if this is reasonable or not although it is much more reasonable than the above.

- All Random Event Costumes (recovered) - this was what i was most worried about cause i seriously did not want to have to wait for each of those random events to be able to recover these even though I did enjoy them, but i was very relieved to see you can just buy them now.

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