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Returning Player HELP


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Hello all - 


I played pretty regularly between 2004-2013, and played a small amount when the Divination skill was released (I think that may have been 2+ years ago?).  I used to be a pretty active member on this forum, but had to create a new account haha.


Anywho... I have been trying to get back into MMORPGS and tried a large number of them, but they never fill the same void that RS always have... so I am looking to return.

I like a wide variety of things, but mostly enjoy things that balance money making with skill leveling.


What are the newest MUST have items, or the MUST do activities to help me hit the ground running?

You can see my stats on my character page, and I have 26M cash and probably another 5-10M in items (depends on how devalued a lot of my old gear has gotten lol).

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Have you tried out Invention, perhaps? You can build off Divination from there, using your energy along with disassembling other stuff to help upgrade your gear. The only thing I would caution you against is spending too much though, as it can get expensive quickly.


What's your current gear setup, and what are you looking to do? You could train Slayer to get back into things, and make some more cash. You may also be able to kill some low level bosses, but which/how many of them will depend on which equipment you have, as well as things like your levels in Herblore/Prayer/Summoning/etc.

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My blog here if you want to check out my Times articles and other writings! I always appreciate comments/feedback.

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I was in the same boat as you. I, however, knew I wanted to return but had little motivation trying to figure out what to do. I started an ironman account and it revitalized my urge to play, and let me experience the game in a new way, while learning the changes slowly. It may not be the right choice for you, but it may be something you want to at least look into.

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