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Perils at Ice Mountain


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This quest is no longer members only.
The requirements have changed.
Non-members need to train somewhat in members skill (see requirements).

- level 5 farming
- level 5 hunting
- level 5 thieving

- Watering can, filled
- Bucket with (super) compost
- Planks, 2x
- Nails, 2x
- Hammer & Saw (if not on toolbelt)










Speak to Lakki the Delivery Dwarf. He has los a crate while on his way. Offer to help. The missing crate will be someway back from where Lakki came from: backtrack Lakki's route and search along the bushes near the steps to the west. The crate needs to be delivered at the power station. There, Drorkar has need of its content. You can peek inside the crate, to see something of a large egg of some sort. The power station is located directly west of the Dwarven Mines, above ground. Drorkar, and his assistant will be eagerly wainting. When you give the crate, Drorak will send you on your way with a letter for Brother Bordiss.Take the letter and head over to the Edgeville Monastery. Trying to read the letter will fail, it's in dwarven language.



Speak to Brother Bordiss. He's in the back of the monastery, in the little garden patch. Though he vowed to silence, he'll soon becomes alife when reading the letter. It appears Drorkar is building a Zamorakian smoke-machine. Suddenly, while speaking with Bordiss, all the roses in the patch disappear. Together with nearby Brother Althric it is suggested to try to revive the roses with some compost and to finish it of with watering them. First apply the compost, and then water it. Next, in a cut scene, a gnome parachutes in. It is Professor Arblenap. He lost his way: he's looking For Ice Mountain. When you give directions, the professor leaves. Follow him to Ice Mountain.



The professor will be at the southern mountaintop of Ice Mountain. Speak to him and find out he's trying to catch Baby Icefiends. He's unable to do this, so offer your help. The professor needs 4 Baby Icefiends, and gives you a special "Icefiend Net". Switch your weapon (if you're wielding one) for this special net, and catch those Baby Icefiends. Watch out: the professor wants the baby's, not the 'adults'. You cannot catch them all 4 at once, you'll have to catch and deliver them to the professor one by one. After you deliver the fourth one, the ground begins to shake. Another cut scene: there is an avalanche happening on the northern part of Ice Mountain. Better go have look!





Locate the Oracle at the northern part of the mountain. When speaking to her you'll learn that the avalanche caused her tent to fall down the mountain. Offer to fix her tent. Locate the broken tent, which is located on the western mountain side, at the bottom. Pickup the tent and return to the mountain top. Near the flagpoles you'll see "remains" of where the tent once stood. Use the tent with the remains on the mountain side - having the planks and nails ready - to rebuild the tent. The Oracle sees in the future, and mother nature is cooking! Mountains will loose their snow and ice. This has to stop. Tell the Oracle that is must me the power station Drorkar is using. Tell her you're going to do something about it.



Head back to Drorkar to have him shut down the power station. He appears only to be following orders. He'll send you Nurmof who is down in the Dwarven Mines, selling pickaxes. But before you go... after talking with Drorkar pick his pockets for a nameless key! Go to Nurmof to confront him with the natural disasters happing. He recounts that Bordiss had said this would happen. But... his production of pickaxes is far more important, and will not budge. Yet, Nurmof does tell you that Bordiss also had a plan to power the pickaxe-making-machine. But that plan was never presented to Nurmof. So it's time to visit Bordiss again for a talk.

Back in the Monastery speak to Bordiss again, who again breaks his vow of silence. He will tell you that his plans are secured in a locked chest within the Dwarven Mines. If Nurmof can finally see this plan things might change. With the stolen key already at hand - Bordiss' key was stolen by Drorkar - go downstairs into the Dwarven Mines and locate the locked chest immediately in the eastern corridor when you come down the ladder. Open the chest (near a yellow flag) and retrieve the plan for a windmill of some kind. Take this plan to Nurmof.

Nurmof will take the plan and sees that a windmill will actually work. So the power machine needs to go. With a last cut scene the dwarves meet face to face. Drorkar has to go, the young drakelings are released, the windmill is placed. Quest finished.



- 1 Quest Point
- 1 XP Lamp that gives 500 points to Farming, Hunting and Thieving (3-in-1 XP Lamp!)
    Thus, non-members will have no use for this lamp.
- Ability to smith pickaxes
- You can now use the ladder located in the power station
    When using it you find yourself directly at Nurmof's pickaxe shop.
- 2 Treasure Hunter keys.

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