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1 Billion Cooking Exp btw

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Check out 258 for Life getting 200M Cooking! This is my 5th account to get 200M Cooking! 1 BILLION EXP! from Matt258RuneScape on http://www.twitch.tv  https://www.twitch.tv/videos/299520303 


200M Cooking on 5 accounts!


I could have got it on the August 8th 2018 but I wanted some friends to be On. Well I decided tonight when I saw Zezima Online to ask him to come thumbsup.gifking.gif Other friends wern't On :(  I didn't want to keep putting it Off so decided to just get it with only Zezima there.


Matt258 [Rank #2 to 200M Cooking]


Oh No 2 Defs 8-7-2011


Cooking here 10-12-2012


Burnt Fish 9-30-2017


258 For Life 8-19-2018

Level 99 Skills 26/27 200M exp Skills 4/27
Going for 200M All Skills. [qfc]48-49-837-63099395[/qfc]

@Matt258RS Twitch: Matt258RS


My Youtube user name: birdman258 200MCook ProfitCook 200mPrayer MakinWines MyF2pSkillers

But don't even begin to think that I think I'm better than you all simply because I've done 7.6k+ hours of Agility or because I have tens of thousands of fans.

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