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Blaze The Movie Fan

A question about the grand exchange.

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How does the limit work exactly? Does it apply to just the type of an item, or does it apply to all items of the same category?

Let's say I want to buy 45K blood runes and 15K naure runes. Can I buy both types at the same time, or do I have to wait until the 4 hours are up before I can buy the other type or a rune?

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Nope. It only applies to 1 item. The buy limits on blood runes and nature runes are not shared. You can buy 20k of each per 4 hours iirc.



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Generally yes, it is separate for different items like runes as Major Dash said. For some items it is shared, for example different doses of potions (like saradomin brew (3)/(4)) and treasure trail items (example, rune saradomin stuff).

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