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The biggest shame of all..


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The biggest shame of all isn't the fact that people have moved on from internet forums, it is that almost all of the images posted to internet forums such as this are lost to the ages.


Sure, the video I made of me doing barrows in 2005, that I recorded with Unregistered Hypercam2 that I uploaded to rapidshare.de is gone, but the memories that I have with it will remain with me..

The same can't be said for memories that aren't with me, but were posted here... all the history of this game, of the people that played it, is fleeting, and only salvaged by the fact that this forum remains online.

Does anyone remember the 'RSDemon Helper' program that used to be hosted on runescape community? It was its own little wiki packed into an installer with calculators, maps, guides, and what have you.. something I just wanted to share in case any of you old fogies like myself happen to remember it.

And for those who never return, or can't, godspeed. For those that do see this, I hope everyone is doing well.



Runescape player since January 2005
Ego Sum Deus Quo Malum Caligo et Barathum


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Wow, I literally just came here out of boredom/nostalgia. I agree there's a lot of history tied up in forums especially from the 2000s that seems to be getting lost as services go offline.

Now back to my nostalgia browsing. 


Since 27 Aug 2002

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