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Help Mr. Astralinre. Sigs For Auction


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I am helping Astralinre get back on his feet after leaving runescape. I have already sold 1 signature and raised 50k and I have 3 more. The word sample will be changed into the winning bidders name.








Signature 1
















Signature 2
















Signature 3
















Signature 4
















Starting Bids are 20k. Minimum increments of 1k.








Remember, this is not selfishness, but charity. Help Astralinre.

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Sweet. So far, we have








1st Sig : Inspire : 35k








2nd Sig : Inspier : 25k








3rd Sig : Dragon Scyth : 30k








4th Sig : No one : --

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Guest 0bscure
i like these, clean and simple, beutiful bgs




I second that...especially on the first and second ones. Nice work.

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