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Random and dynamic (PHP) sigs RETURN! Forum rules compliant!


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After coding a bit, I fixed my random signature script so that it WORKS WITH THE FORUMS! IT DISPLAYS FILESIZE AND DIMENSIONS AND EVERYTHING! W00t! You can also use those .php signatures that you couldn't use before. Examples:








This one is linked to http://vipersoftrunescape.com/wordsofwisdom/index.php:








...and it shows filesize and everything!








Here's a random sig:








It alternates between http://bttfman.com/mysigs/bttf.jpg








Just go here and make your own:












BTW to use a .php signature, just fill in the URL in the box with no semicolons, by itself, and use the new URL it gives you.








Want a sig? You can also make one in < 5 minutes, at












Hope you all like,






handed me TWO tissues to clear up. I was like "i'm going to need a few more paper towels than that luv"
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