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Rate My 1st Real Sig


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0-10, but please don't give me a negative score since this was made on paint








^^the first sig i've made that's taken me more than 3 minutes, it took me almost 10 minutes








ps ~ if you're wondering about the priest thing, it's a class in Arenascape








[edit] changed the border of the lvl 86 priest, but i'm not gonna make the text bigger, since i can't think of a good way to do so with paint - and i'm still trying to get something to make it somewhat less repetitve, and the stuff in the background isn't grass...

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umm, very different, original nice but different, its a bit to plain, and you should make the font a bit bigger, becuaswe of the very over powering bg i think the text is a bit hard to read!, im not sure what its meant to be, so i cant really ask you what to add or anything! :P








but its pretty cool, 7/10!








.:'':.Cool Banana!

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I looks cool, a bit simple though.




The grass looks a bit repetetive.








You could try a different colour on the border of the 'Lvl 86 Priest" Text, which would make it a bit more visible..








Its looking good, it just needs some more details, a bit variation.

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