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  1. thats amazing dude!! very nice work!!
  2. im not really any good at colouring in photoshop i just colour burn dodge and smudge looks good sometimes!
  3. Cool_Banana


    quick runescape comic rough idea but ill make a proper version in photoshop when i have the time! done in biro should get a pencil out, cant be bothered! DAMMIT forgot my name!!!
  4. Haha, thanks guys! ill be sure to post a good one when i can botherd aha! dont like this once very much the face and shading is messed up!
  5. Hey! This is a picture i drew of a mage while bored not very good but it was pretty quick! tell me what you think?
  6. Haha thanks everyone! the axe is going to have a make over! and ter i cant stop dithering!! :?
  7. looks pretty dam cool, but with that guy on the right (the guy with the body) his head is too small and the helmet looks wacky!
  8. ah yea i see what you guys are on about! looks kinda off i drew the idea i had *in my sig now* literally took me like 2 mins so dont judge! but yea ill get onto fixing that axe when i wake up 3:20am and i cant sleep!!
  9. Dayum! Thats one awesome sig! I love the colours! :D
  10. Lol i currently made a zombie for a pixel sig i think it looks pretty cool but i dont really know i dont even know if ill finish the sig but tell me what you think, give a rating and some C/C! Thank You! .:'':.CB
  11. Very nice, i like this sig quite alot very orignal different idea! the only advice i could give is to give the guy a face!! and his hair ... how does it go from red to brown or visa/versa
  12. nice sigs, only CC i have is the shading on the dogs, please fix it they look like they are stuck down buttons:S
  13. Yea, ive heard this is good!
  14. Ive asked for a Whopper once and then they said they dont make them at McDonalts so i asked for onion rings, and they also said "sorry we dont make those here either" so i stormed out and then my mate (behind me) Did the same thing, but instead of storming out he ordered a 50c cone and threw it on the ground in supposed anger.
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