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  1. Yeah, its great the way it is Did you design the character?
  2. Just finished the third Awpaholica.com Wallpaper: What do ya think?
  3. I love it, great work And linerider is an awesome game :P
  4. Very nice!! The water looks great, and the animation is really cool. You could expand the map, and add some ramps, or maybe a track to drive in?
  5. The 6th is my favorite (PDA) They're all great though :) I might learn how to do this kinda stuff one day
  6. Very nice, i like the animation.
  7. Megadeth: Awpaholica.com: As usual, comments, c/c, whatever ya wanna do :)
  8. Go to http://imageshack.us/ Click browse, find your picture, click upload copy and paste the Hotlink for forums
  9. My favorite is the one you have now 4 is good too
  10. Hey, not bad at all, my favorite is the Yoshi one.
  11. Already knew how to do this, but really nice tutorial. And iv always wondered where people got that font, but i could never find it, so thanks :)
  12. You already have a topic just like this. Post your new sigs in there and have this one deleted. Theres an edit button for a reason, you dont need to double, triple, quadruple post. Non of them are very good, i posted the reasons why in your other topic. Look at some tutorials.
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