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  1. Sell the d bones and hides as you go along, for a HIGH price. They won't sell too fast, but you'll be out fighting more. When you come back, you'll finally have them sold, and have made a much higher profit on them.
  2. You could also try Iron platebodies, or superheating mith ore. ????????????????????????????????????????????? ????? ???????????? ?????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????? ? ???????????? ?????????????????????? ?????? ????????????????????????????????????????????? ???? ????????????????????????????????????????????? ??? ??????????????????????? ? ????????????????????????????????????????????? ????? ???????????? ??????????????????ZALGO ?????????????????????????????????????????????? ???? ?????? ????????????????????????????????????????????? will??? ???????????????????????????? eat???????????? ?????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????? ???? ??????you ????????????????????????????????????????????? ??? ???????????????????????soul ? ????????????????????????????????????????????? ??
  3. F2P pking is a waste of money. If you're going to win, they just run away to a bank. You eventually waste so much food and time it's not worth it. IMO
  4. By playing SC you're saving yourself about 500K+ an hour. So unless you can make more than that I would play SC. I'm currently doing the same thing. I'm spending 26M from 70-99. Currently at 94. I think it's very helpful.
  5. Javascript is not the same as Java. culda sworn javascript is used to load java applets though Nope. Javascript is for interactive web elements, like actionscript for Flash. Java is a programming language.
  6. Wearing any piece of sacred clay mage armor gives you double XP on damage spells.
  7. You get the effect for just wearing one piece. So unless you REALLY like the stats of the clay armor, I'd only do the coif.
  8. Gosh darnit you did it again. I guess next time I'm gonna have to research it before I post, instead of editing it later. EDIT: HAH
  9. Wrong, its closer to 75 minutes. http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?page=farming_guide.htm#vegetable That's an average. I guess I was thinking of the minimum time.
  10. I'm not saying it's easier. Just for some people. If you can buyout like 10,000 of the same item and sell it at a higher price in a few days, you can make loads of GP with not much effort. The fact that the skill CAN be buy-able takes away some of it's credit from me. Some people have crazy ways of making loads of money, and can blow it all on expensive furniture over and over. You can't do anything like that with Runecrafting.
  11. The first thing I did was buy colored boots :D
  12. With all the tens of millions of GP that you and everyone else has laying around? :P The difficulty in skills like construction, prayer, herblore, etc., isn't in the leveling process but in making the money, which is no easy feat for the average player. Once you have a lot of money, it's easier to make more, like merchanting on the GE. But yes that's also true. I just feel sympathy for the boringness of Runecrafting :/
  13. F2P: Runecrafting P2P: Runecrafting Construction can be easily bought. Mining comes in a close second.
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