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  1. it looks like throwing knives do take over the grenade slot. and yes!!!!!! stopping power plus sleight of hand!!!!!!! w0000t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. holy crap who is that redhead? :o and did anybody see what lady gaga was wearing at the vma's? wtf...
  3. this better be something good. there seems to be alotta hype about this new reveal
  4. is a sexy beast. wooooaaahh. who said that... :shock:
  5. is a sexy beast. wooooaaahh. who said that... :shock:
  6. id go to a different planet. duh silly
  7. id go to a different planet. duh silly
  8. woo! 2 pages of off topic-ness how bout that modernwarfare2?
  9. i support as well. i've been active in sports since kindergarten rec soocer =D
  10. i dont just go to concerts, i play them. i cant think of anything i enjoy more than getting onstage and entertaining crowds. more on topic, ive been to alot of concerts, my favorite ones were seeing van halen, and tran siberian orchestra while sitting in the fourth row. it was incredible
  11. not to mention magnesium isnt exactly the safest thing to be carrying around..
  12. I back you, im just sick of debating. -.- obama's views are in fact, socialist.
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