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Agility Pyramid vs Barbarian Course


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Hey, guys. I currently have 40 agility, and I want to get it up to 52 so I can finally use some of the higher level courses. I was wondering which course offers the fastest exp at my level? I hear that the Brimhaven Arena is actually terrible exp (like 5K per hour). Would the pyramid or the barbarian course offer faster exp?




Also, when you complete a lap on the barbarian course, do you have to go back through the pipe to start again? Or do you start at the rope swing?




Thanks for all the help.

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I did the Agility Arena at your level. I actually liked it. Slow or not, at least it wasn't boring.




You got to 40 agility without using the Barbarian course? You don't have to go through the pipe to start over again.

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If you are looking for "fun" do the agility arena on Brimhaven. It has the most "variety" as in you are not technically running in circles since the arrow moves around.




SAVE your tickets until you have at LEAST 100 before you cash them in otherwise you get bad exp.




The more tickets= the more exp per ticket.




One Ticket (1): 240 exp to agility


Ten Tickets (10): 2,480 exp to agility


Twenty Five Tickets (25): 6,500 exp to agility


One Hundred Tickets (100): 28,000 exp to agility


One Thousand Tickets (1000): 320,000 exp to agility




It takes aprox 1 minute to get one ticket so its more than 5k exp per hour if you save the tickets before cashing them in.




Just watch out for the spinning blades and darts.





Call me Kat, or Kathy Corkat

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