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  1. Not even fighting anything when it happens. The answer before yours is probably right.
  2. A couple times now, I've noticed a case where I had a full bar of adrenaline that gets instantly emptied for no apparent reason. This is like instantaneous and much faster than other circumstances where I'm out of combat and my adrenaline bar slowly empties. So I'm wondering what's going on and if maybe I'm accidentally pressing a button that dumps my adrenaline bar.
  3. I know that Ancient Magicks spells still use them. Rush and Burst spells use Deaths( 1 for Rush, 2 for Burst), and Blitz and Barrages use Bloods( 1 for Blitz, 2 for Barrage). And I don't think many Lunar Spells were changed if any, so Vengeance still uses Deaths and if you use Heal Other or Heal Group then those still use Bloods. I'm personally wondering if there's any use for loads of Chaos runes anymore. Chaos runes seem completely useless now except for Teleblocking.
  4. Did they change the Armadyl battlestaff to no longer supply air runes?
  5. Don't you have a choice of making dragon crossbow, offhand dragon crossbow, or dragon 2h crossbow when fletching with the dragon limbs?
  6. Before beta? The EoC beta is already open.
  7. It lasted maybe 2 or 3 hours. And we got a dragon dagger split and a 1.4m hilt split.
  8. I think I read somewhere that GWD armor WAS at first btwn Barrows and Nex but then people complained that GWD armor was too close to Nex armor. So then they changed it... I have a question. How do Swift Gloves work in EOC? Haven't unlocked it yet so can't try it out myself.
  9. With the new combat system, I tried to go do a bit of bandos and had trouble getting killcount with lvl 120 Goblins while wearing full Bandos and wielding a Bandos Godsword. What? I used all the abilities and could hit the Goblin maybe once every 7 abilities. Speaking of which. Any advice on soloing eoc Bandos and Zammy gwd?
  10. They didn't get rid of effigies. They just heavily nerfed it. They didn't like that people were stockpiling tons of effigies in their banks so they decided to overkill greatly reduce drop rate AND make it so you don't get any more effigies if you have 5+ banked.
  11. I'm pretty sure you can't boost to get into the encampments. I remember at an event, someone tried to boost to get into the Sara encampment but it still didn't let them in.
  12. I got 83-91 Herblore 70-88 Summoning 90-94 Magic Then I did a little bit of slayer, but not enough for any levels. Overall, I gained almost 10m exp.
  13. 2 things I can think of for why Subjugation right now is better than Virtus: 1. Subjugation robes( not including the Ward of Subj) gives +8% Magic damage boost. I believe Virtus gives +0%. 2. Doesn't degrade.
  14. And I had people complaining about me getting all the drops even though I wasn't getting as much as people seemed to think I was getting.
  15. We would prefer if you ranged, but if you absolutely must melee, use a dragon spear. Could also borrow a zammy spear using the Lend Item system.
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