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Fire Cape Help


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RSN ivan wyse










str:81 (probably 82 when i go)








magic:65 (will be 70)






Is this good enough to get fire cape??... if not sugestions on what to put up and what lv

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Get around 80 Ranging, 80-85 Defense(You will NEED this defense when 360's, 180's and 90's come!!)




I suggest getting 60-65 Prayer and use the guide in my sig if you don't have Guthans..

All Quests completed

99 Thieving achieved on January 10th, 2008

99 Defense achieved on August 3rd, 2008

85 Slayer achieved on July 31st, 2008

6 Dragon boot drops, 14 Whip drops

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You could do it. All you really need is 70+ range with a decent prayer level (and a good def will help greatly). Use an Xbow or Crystal bow (or 2). I beat the fight caves using only range with 76 range, 49 def, and 47 prayer.




Although your range is a bit lower than mine when I got my fire cape, you have those extra defence and prayer levels to make up for it.




Now all you need now is a good strategy and know how exactly to beat that minigame. :wink:

77 Combat || 1620+ Skill Total || Owner of Fire Cape

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