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  1. I remember when whips were 3.55m (what i payed for mine), D meds were 1.3m and then G maul going from about 650k-80k or so I agree RS was much more fun around the time that construction-hunter coming out because there wasn't any major 'mistakes' that Jagex had made yet and people were much more friendly.
  2. Jad? Win! So what.. the first quest came out a few months ago, and the sequel is out already? We wait about a year and a half for MP2 (an actually storyline we care about) and wait a few for a crappy one. Oh well, guess that means its time to do the first part :lol:
  3. I was looking forward to this being finished and i'm.. disappointed, the beginning was fine but when the singing start it was just, well, stupid. Sorry, but thats just how i feel. 4/10
  4. "Penguin Find" is a CC i reccommend there is always about 15 people there, only a few helpful ones but you can probably get help there. :D
  5. Hmm I didn't know the locations reset.. guess i'll have to go into the CC and use that instead, I was hoping for an easy 20k Runecrafting exp. :(
  6. Fail. Should have looked at this thread earlier.. been 2 years since my last offense and all I said was ebay for 7.6 black marks, got .4 removed when Jagex degraded some of the black marks a few months ago. Also have an offense from before that new Ban system came out July 06 i think, its listed as Legacy punishment or something. So maybe when that system comes back i could get a discount on how long I have to wait for them to finally be removed. Someone tell me if that thread re-opens plox?
  7. Put the auto turn off music thing back on the RS Login page so you dont wake up your parents when sneaking down to play at 4 AM :evil: -.- :thumbdown: Also, Make it so you can change the color of Fonts for Rs, like the seperate PM (currently Cyan) Clan chat and public.
  8. It would be smart to invest in Sharks/Swordfish and Super strs probably.. Hopefully this will give Herblore a jump start again. GE nearly wiped the skill out.
  9. I downloaded the Beta (I think it was the beta) on monday. Now I want the new version but can't figure out how to Download it. Should I uninstall my old version first? The Greasemonkey script doesn't do anything to my knowledge just shows info about it. and the source code downloads a file I had previously downloaded. Help!
  10. There seems to be a problem with the Hunter Calculator. It doesn't show the things I'll need to catch to get a certain level, and when i click tip me it just wants me to select calculator again.
  11. It actually is possible to get 29 Mystery Boxes, if you get 28 and another MOM comes he will give you the 29th one (Proven I have a pic if needed). Also the Prayer book doesn't require 1 Prayer point. It's very handy for doing Pyramid plunder though.
  12. Close but no cigar. To truly bust the mithril cave theory, someone would need to stand in the Sara dungeon and someone else would need to run around the edges in the entire mith dungeon while the player in the Sara dungeon watches for them. If what everyone has been saying is true then Sara GWD must be 3 layers below the overworld. Then if everyone dungeon floor 3 levels down is in that "world" then you might have to find out if there is 3 levels down in the Ancient cavern. Just a thought :/
  13. Going to Ecto farm patch on July 11th, 2005 to see 100's of people standing around and getting mauled by Vampires. (Guilty)
  14. I dont have PS3 or 360 (yet) but i have GC and PS2 Buying: Guitar hero World tour (if it comes out this year, and if its any good) Star wars The force Unleashed (End of September release btw) and.. idk
  15. Dunno could be interesting, I would like it if you could sail around blasting the bad guys and discovering islands and new civilizations and slowly map the entire ocean of runescape. I dont know how you would get levels in it though.. seems like an add-on to construction, but we said that about Summoning and magic so we will see :D
  16. Tutorial island isn't even used anymore :/ The whole tutorial is in Lumbridge now. I think the new updates Jagex talked about are just the ones released Monday because those were pretty big updates
  17. Yea i bet if you turned the view of that picture, you could see that the trim isnt actually connected to the cape -.-
  18. What is your favorite book or book series? Thats tough.. Im gonna have to say the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz. Its kind of like James Bond, but hes 14 and not fighting the bad guyz while protecting a girl. :roll: The story slowly unravels the mystery of what happend to his parents but theres no way to find out what really happens till you read a secret chapter from the 7th book that is on the internet
  19. I don't think prices will crash, but it is a smart idea to use a lent item so you dont have to lose yours at like Dk's :D. I'm gonna charge random noobs who want to use my stuff.
  20. Or maybe this new head of Runescape isn't going to replace Gower, but instead run a new wing of Jagex, maybe a new um office like thing in America (Yea i dont care if they aren't allowed to do that or whatever, its just a possibility)
  21. Not sure if anyone posted this, but on the big picture at the beginning of dev diary 4 look at the calendar, the 15th- 20th is circled by Red ink. Also the pouches that are supposed to be in the inventory are odd and i'm not sure what they will be used for.
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