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  1. The drop is determined when you kill the monster, otherwise the ring of wealth could not affect any monster drops at all. I do agree 100% that the drop is not completley random as computers cannot generate truly random numbers (rather, the random number generator function in java probably takes some element such as the current time from the system clock and uses a mathematical formula to derive a number from it). That said, I disagree that you can predict when a rare drop will occur at all. It doesnt make sense that jagex would put some counter into the game when simply choosing a random number from various ranges of numbers (depending on rarity of the item) to determine the drop would be more simple and more random. Even if there was a counter - jagex stores so much information on their servers, im sure they could store the last recorded number in the counter before a system update, or simply reset it to 0. If your drop rate was indeed 65% after a system update, im sure youre onto something regarding the chance of getting a rare drop, but I doubt it has anything to do with some counter.
  2. i cooked sharks with n0valyfe at rogues den fireplace. he actually talked and stuff. the only "famous" player ive ever seen with text above their head. let alone engage in a real conversation.
  3. this is runescape... not the matrix... the man youre harrassing has no family, no mind, hes not even a man... just a computer controlled character made for the sole purpose of being killed.
  4. i didnt make any of these images, i simply posted a thread about what may be hints towards a new skill.
  5. wow: i can see crop lines, the horse is the most fake thing i ever saw, and you even put a highscore on it. Please dont hijack my thread.
  6. ok im equipping on my anti fire sheild -.-
  7. i dont see any other topic for it
  8. Theres some evidence of a new skill coming soon, from the looks of it it may be sailing?? :shock: http://forum.[Please Use QuickFind Code].ws?16,17,848,57090873 http://img396.imageshack.us/img396/1949 ... mfgeg2.png there WAS a sailing icon in hiscores for a VERY short time after the realease of the new site layout. (the video in the link is not edited and many other people on the official forums saw it as well!) ALso theres a slight outline of a sailboat on the guys skillcape in the RS mainpage image. Is this the sailboat skillcape? Finally if you read the other thread about the runescape banner then you will see the Jmod's post hinting about the cape on the guy's back. Oh and for those who are blind the guy in the image is on a boat.
  9. 8800 GS 384 MB OC (DX 10 on Vista Ultimate) Intel Pentium 4 HT 3 Ghz 3 GB RAM DDR2 I tihnk ill be fine.
  10. As you all know they new dev diary came out, something caught my eye in last pic: On minimap is a circle in bottom right with an globe icon. Could this be an in-game world map? If so it is highly psossible that jagex can/has/will code the world map to be like the minimap, meaning you can see the locations of players, or at least friends, in real time! I hope they will add this feature to the game, that would be awesome!
  11. OMG LAST IMAGE OMG!!!!! ALSO : The (optional) fullscreen mode will scale the game up to your monitor's native (32-bit colour) resolution and the field of view adjusts for widescreen resolutions it also supports 2x and 4x anti-aliasing to help smooth off edges. O M G ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!11!1!!1!1one!21!!eleven!1!!!!!1!
  12. if all you want to come back for is pking, id say its not worth it. Pking no longer exists. Sure there bount hunter, but now its basically a risky minigame rather than a core element of the game itself.
  13. err i cant really make out anything from that pic..?
  14. Well if youre learning your first language, learning Java is got to be the most idiotic thing ive ever heard of. You should start with a less complicated language, id say Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2005, or even better, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2005. The Express editions are great for beginners (come with a great help system), and its FREE. Google C# or Visual Basic Express editions.
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