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  1. Granted, but you can't skate 16 miles below the Earth's surface. I wish I had a Platypus
  2. Thank to the the person who actually gave me an answer... But WoW was very fun and entertaining. I plan on playing again when Cataclysm comes out. I just got really bored of doing ICC 1-2 times a week and have some of the best gear out. I played RS for 2 years and never got bored. I just missed using wasd.
  3. I have recently come back to RS after playing WoW for 1.5 years. I just got bored and needed another RPG. So I came back to my roots and started up again. I remember before quiting I was really into FoG and PvP worlds came out. I have came back made a brand new account and wanted to know what has changed. I personally noticed that the GE prices have gotten higher and everyone is still immature... Anything else I should know about that has entered the F2P world?
  4. On my strength pure I'm getting my range to 45ish. I'm getting it so I will stop getting owned by rangers yet I wont level. I'll do cows from 20-40, If you know anything better feel free to tell me, but what should I from 1-20. So, what should I do? I have 1 defence also. I have 20k but I will mine iron for money so I am free to anything.
  5. Thanks! Now I have to train my range so I don't get pwned in PvP.
  6. So let me get this correct. Lets say I have 50 range and 1 defence. Will I get hit the same as 1 range or will i be hit less?
  7. Aww man, Oh well. I can't level my def since its my str pure. Thanks for the info anyways.
  8. Like magic, the higher you range level, the lower you get hit by range. Basically I mean, Higher your range the less often you get hit by range. Is it the same as magic or does it depend on you defense level?
  9. It happened in while playing runescape... But it could be moved to General Discussion or Off Topic if it had to...
  10. I just venting off some steam ;) Oh ya, If you don't live in the US then this topic may not be appealing to you. I was in a pk world in lumby and saw somebody saying, "Vote Mccain." So to humor myself I said "Vote Obama." *Note: I do think Obama should be President.* He kept saying "vote mccain" and I kept saying "Vote Obama." Then he said, "Obama kills babies." I got a little ticked. I said, "Do you have any proof?" So he replied, "He supports abortion." I found 2 thing wrong with that statement. 1. He doesn't physically kill the fetuses. 2. He woman has the right to choose for her own being. Then he said, "Obama believes in g e y marriage." So I replied, "What is wrong with that?" I personally don't care about people being homosexual since it is in there genes. And I replied, "It is in there genes..." He said, "It is in the Bible." I really didn't feel like getting into a religious debate but it happened. So we discussed on and more people joined supporting there favorite candidate. So, I know people believe in what they believe in but when you show your support don't lie about the other groups. But overall I believe in what I posted and some don't. I'm fine with that but I repeat don't put facts into context so you can make other people look bad.
  11. Are those turkeys that were mentioned in the "Behind the Scene" out yet? Or are they going to be in there own little update? If they are out now, are the free or are they apart of the Distraction thing?
  12. what kind of arrows are you using? If iron, then kill the higher level minotaurs. They give you "unlimited arrows." They drop more arrows then you use.
  13. The thrill of the kill : Do You get any bonuses by just woodcutting, or any other skill, in a pvp world? And I don't mean the gloves...
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