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Need some Advice.


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I havnt playd rs since rsc was out. I used to be a pure fighter.. if you know what that means. I want to play rs2 but have no idea on what to do. What are good stats for a pker??? if there is such a thing any more. I know in rsc i can 3 hit alot of people. Is there any way to do that sorta thing in rs2?


Also is making a pure mage any good in rs2? Does it work like in rsc, where i can hit 25s with a spell?..


If you could post your comments i would appreciate it. Thank you

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it realy depends on the combat lvl that you want to be. there are the hybrids with like 60+ attack, very high strength, 1 (or low) defense, high mage, and high range. all i know is i get owned in the wild by these a lot. some have 52 prayer to smite those whips and are usually 60s or 70s combat. there's some great guides around also, you could check one of those out if you wish.

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