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alternate boot for laptop


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i have an old laptop that was running windows xp (profesinal), and i wanted to make it into a pictureframe to hang up, the problem is the harddrive stoped working and i can't find another one with the whole operating system on it already. I was wondering if i could boot it into network mode off my main computer (windows xp media) but then when searching on google for it they said i only could if i had 2003 server, then i was wondering if there was some way i could put a small linux or something onto a flashdrive with the pictures for the picture frame on there with the operating system but i wasnt sure if that would work, or even if that small of operating systems could handel a screen saver (which is what i would use to make the digital picture frame look like a picture frame), so what im trying to say is will any of this work? is there another way i might be able to do this? if you have any idea of what im saying please post here with your ideas and help,





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