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    Looking for a sig thats not against the rules..
  1. vw08 has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?

  2. I have long, black hair that's down a few inches below my shoulder, and I don't really think I look good with short hair.. I wash it every day, comb it in the morning etc, so it's always clean. The only time I dont like long hair is when people don't look after it, and it looks like they smeared butter all over it.
  3. DivX is software to play DivX encoded videos (usually of the .avi ending). It's useful when downloading videos from the Internet, as DivX is usually use to encode them because it's quite efficient. If you haven't needed it, then you probably wont :P
  4. That's all I have until I can find a camera :mrgreen:
  5. http://www.ipod-video-converter.org/ http://www.videora.com/en-us/Converter/iPod/
  6. u gais r gud! A few more years of practice and hard work and what you do will be called music!
  7. Agreed...How many moles can there be in CTU? How many times can Jack be wrongly arrested? How many times does Jack have to choose family/friends over protocol? And for the last part...Not to be sexist, but "Women are annoying." At least when it comes to 24. And how many times has he lost something that he "loves" so he can go do it all over again? I thought this was the weakest season out of them all, hopefully next season will bring something new and exciting..
  8. For the sake of humanity, and all that is good, this better be a joke... :wall:
  9. http://joost.com/presents/gigaom-newteevee/
  10. you port code into other languages, you report people when they do something wrong, which hasn't happened here... Anyways, nice find!
  11. amazing ! epically the skill graphs, shows how fast you need tog ain exp in order to not loose ranks.
  12. Hi! I'm nvw08 and im connerr's friend! Gl on all those 99s ;) It was rough getting one :$
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