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    why do you need to know?!
  1. I wasn't taking what I said for fact. If you noticed, I asked if others were experiencing the same thing aswell, so then we can say if it is plausable or not.
  2. I saw some threads on RSOF about that, so maybe they balanced it out more between all monsters?
  3. By a hotfix yes, they did this with monster drops before during the latest Fremnick quest, I've heard. They also did it with PC the day it came out.
  4. On my last 19/20 fire giants, I have gotten a charm. Before this, they came much slower. Has anyone else noticed an increase within the past hour?
  5. But it makes Monday or Tuesday even better as it leaves much more time to sort out bugs, which there almost certainly will be. No matter how many times they've gone over, tested and perfected the code, there's nothing quite for rooting out unnoticed problems than 30000+ people simultaneously using it, many purposefully going out of their way to find bugs to take advantage of. [/hide] they wouldnt have circled the whole week if it was monday, todays update proved my theory. and it never takes 5 days to fix a bug, if you knew what the bug is then you can attack it, and guess whats even funnier? the construction bug came in 5 days when cursed you got 99 and it was on a saturday, they fixed the bug pretty fast if you ask me. Guess what's even more funny? Construction was released on May 31st, a Wednesday. The Fally massacre was on 06/06/06, which makes it a Tuesday. Thank you. Check your facts before you try to make a point.
  6. They also killed the knights I was using...they thought I was trying to drop trade . It was really cool, and I can tell the examines have gone through alot of thought.
  7. They dont usually do that, and they probably think we're too stupid to look at the calendar Do they usually release new skills, though?
  8. I still think tomorrow...Jagex would want us to think it's coming out next week by highlighting it- and a release tomorrow would be the ultimate fool.
  9. You might want to try hedgestop.com before you invest real money. You make an account and get $50,000,000 to spend on stocks, and it goes the same way as the real stock market does. We use it in Economics club, and the site isn't too bad I suppose.
  10. I don't think it needs fixing. I use it as a countermeasure if people steal my spots, once i've asked them to move. I think they need teaching a lesson... So i flower up all spots in the vicinity, equip my rubber chicken and hit 0's on the red chins, so that they 'retreat' until i log off. Of course, i know whats going on and they don't so i can bring em back at any time. If we didn't have flowers to protect us, people would just steal our spots and we couldn't stop them. Master flower power and chin scaring and you master hunting. Of course a dwarf cannon can occasionally help, but scaring is better. Being able to defend your world from other hunters is part of the game, and i don't want Jagex cutting any more fun parts of the game, any thing thats a little bit special and intelligent. When people flower you up, retreat their chins, most people don't know about it. They will run out of patience/mithril seeds eventually. Snow on the other hand needs fixing, because then people could do it for ever and ever and its at no cost to them; they could do it just to be annoying. you do know its bug abuse right? you are a not bad person and you use it to defend your spots, but other people can just use it for the hell of annoying people. even if their not hunting, they could be alching and decide to plant flowers everywhere so that you cant hunt or fm. Except...most people don't use it for stealing spots. They have the mentality that if a person is to close to them they will get less chinchompas, so they just pull out flowers to force them to move even farther away.
  11. How did she "not help a small book company" Bloomsbury was a small company before this. [ignore my username too.... ] Ill hunt out the articul later. If it's about the whole Lexicon Suit.....that isn't harming a small company.
  12. How did she "not help a small book company" Bloomsbury was a small company before this. [ignore my username too.... ]
  13. How would this be a big update to the game? Normally updates like this aren't announced at all, and the article that said that Gower would be TEMPTED to do this wasn't too long ago, and RS graphics would never compare to any beyond PS1 game, so it wouldn't sell.
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