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Question about damage.


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Hey guys, i am new to runescape. I just want to now how do you basicly raise your damage and accuracy?




and what is the difference between Strength and Attack?




and the different attack tpyes? e.g. crush,slash, stab?




thankx.. \'

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You raise your damage with str levels, and your accuracy with attack levels. And the different attacks train different skills. And they work better demanding on the type of armor your fighting against.



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ok attack is your accuracy(how often u hit or dont hit 0's) and strength controls your maximum hit.




when u click the weapon thingy where it says bash, crush, etc. next to each type of atk it says the type of atk (accurate, agressive, etc.), if u click accurate style, youll train ur atk, if u click agressive style youll train ur strength, if u click defensive style u train defence and if u click controlled u train a little bit of everything.




also u should go to tip.it/runescape if u need help w anything else :)

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