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  1. Much of those that aren't complete might be argued that they are in fact complete. I liked seeing the even further past that "me" posted. Looks like some of the cornerstones of the game we take for granted didn't exist at one point. Something that might intrigue you all is going through each behind the scenes and quantifying what they promised and what they delivered on. As from the previous posts we can see that there are certain updates we never received and even more have no clue as to whether they will or will not ever be a part of the game (although it's probably safe to say the will not after half a year).
  2. [hide=] [/hide] I thought I might bring this list back up to the communitys attention. We've actually received nearly everything they promised. The only parts that I found were No Skeletons for Summoning, No Chess and Draughts (But after the flop of the Games Rooms I can't blame them), No Private Shops in POH (Although not necessary with G.E., also it's almost like your own private store), Optional Forming of Clan (Not as powerful as we'd imagine but technically we have it), Still no Randomly Generate Scenarios (There is a mini-game with scenarios but you cannot form a party with your friends), and No Farming patch in your POH. Notice how it's nearly five years later and Jagex has managed to stick to this plan (along with developing loads of other stuff as well) and deliver on nearly everything. They've given more than any of us back in '04 could have even thought of. Jagex has been planning all of this for a very long time and I'm sure that we have even more awesome stuff to look forward to. Would anyone else like a similar update list for the future? I know we have Behind the Scenes and Jagex announced that this is the year of the update but I want to see what they have planned for years down the line. What quest lines will be continued, closed, hints of new skills (Notice how Hunter wasn't in there at all...)? I hope you've enjoyed this quick blast to the past. Take a look at the old Behind the Scenes archives/Game Updates and you can still find things from RSC. I think we all can be thankful that we have so much cool stuff to do in this game. The updates we've received have almost always there to add value to the game and I'm sure that those who have stuck with it all the way have gotten every penny's worth.
  3. This is something a lot of people have been questioning as it goes against the logic of most people. I'll try to explain. Firstly in Business you have Target Markets (A Demographic is something that defines a person, a market is something broader encompassing more than Demographic variables. For example Age is a demographic, Interests falls in Target Market). These target markets are segments of the much larger Marketplace. The marketplace in which Jagex is doing battle is the online gaming community. They have broken their attack into 4 distinct segments. Casual Gamers, Fantasy-Gamers, Science Fiction Gamers, and the Mystery Third MMO they're making. The traits of each group can be described to a degree of the following: Casual: Little time, playing in-between something (work, homework), any age Fantasy-Gamers: Good deal of time (to Quest, raise skills), Enjoys Medieval Lore/legends, Enjoys Magic and Mystical elements Sci-Fi-Gamers: Good deal of time, Enjoys Futuristic outlook, Looks for Mechanical and Machines Mystery: It's a mystery There's a great deal of deviation in each of those (A person can have little time and still enjoy RS, they can be solely playing FunOrb not in-between things). The point I am getting at is that yes there are different segments Jagex is looking at. They are also trying to preempt the Futuristic field. Runescape is known for being "For little kids" and most "Serious" MMO players will scoff at the game. Runescape will never attract that audience and Jagex is not trying to. Instead they are looking to sneak around those who get bored with WoW or Guild Wars and want something fresh and new to play. This "Futuristic" element is a Weakness in most MMO's sides. Most of the popular games are Fantasy based. Jagex has a golden opportunity. Unfortunately Jagex is not the leader in Futuristic MMOs. Most of you are probably aware of MechQuest. Now this site has leadership in Mech based MMOs but with Jagexs muscle (Marketing Budget and Technical Prowess in Java) they can become the easy winner SO LONG AS people don't associate MechScape with RuneScape (It's very unfortunate about the name. I hope for Jagex's sake it'll change. That's called Line-Extension). In Summary: Jagex is looking to reach a different target market. There is deviation in the target markets so the extremes do overlap. I'm sure the executives at Jagex took into account for loss in RS for gain in MechScape. The "Mech" style is a Weakness in most MMO's sides. There is no one addressing that target market so they are creating a new category in which they can be a leader. Unfortunately MechQuest has already been established as the leader but Jagex has many resources working for them and will easily trounce them. One caveat is that Jagex should change the name of MechScape as it is too similar to RuneScape. This is called line extension and always leads to loss in the long term (an exception to a degree being Coca-Cola). For Further Information see: Differentiate or Die The New Positioning
  4. I've noticed a distinct lack of mentioning any Experience Lamps. Are they not being rewarded or is it implied that it's 5k, 10k, and 20k lamps?
  5. Firstly: You CANNOT claim any price rise or fall as similar to the collapse of the Global Economy. There is no comparison at all. This is a single item and has no effect on the way people live their lives (in Runescape let alone the world). Secondly: I disagree with the idea the game is moving into a "Raid" ideology. If that were so we would have instances already with Boss Monsters, a more developed loot-sharing system, improved Guild/Clan controls, and much more. Jagex needs to develop higher level content as their game has been around for nearly half a decade (maybe more?) and there are still players who have been with them since near the beginning. These players are higher leveled, in young adult age (17-24), and have disposable income. Jagex would target them to keep them from switching to games such as Dungeon Runners or World of Warcraft. Giving Higher Leveled quests and monsters is one of the few things high leveled players can look forward to. Something to actually keep them playing the game. For example I have not truly played this game in a great while. Now that my own Winter Break is arriving I have a backlog of quests which I have not needed to train for. There are only 4 quests which I cannot complete because of Skill Requirements. This will bring me back into the game so that I can once again complete all of the storylines. Also keep in mind the sheer number of players who return after a new skill is released. It's something new, yet to be conquered by these high level players. Jagex needs to service these players as they have the highest lifetime customer value. That value can be significantly reduced if there is no more content past level 80 combat. Thirdly: Balancing this game is a task which most forum-goers will highly underrate. I'm not going to pretend I have that knowledge. I would like to say that Jagex is doing what's best for the game and we have seen in the past take feedback from the players. If players are demanding Higher-Level content then Jagex will put in such content. I would LOVE to have instances and "raid"-style events where I could jump in with a bunch of Tipiters and have a great time while gaining lots of experience and loot but there is no such thing. Lootshare, ClanChat, and those bits of content are insignificant in a more organized structure. They serve as a wonderful base for pick-up groups and a future development of full Clan systems that have member rosters, communal banks, ability to fight in instances, etc.
  6. Hey Folks, I'm returning to Membership soon as the academic semester is winding down and I have a nice winter break coming up. My question is simple: what are the tasks which one should daily/weekly to get the greatest benefit of everything? By benefit I mean experience, money, achievements, etc. I will be a member for only a month but I will want to get as much benefit out of it as possible. I have 36 quests to complete and only 5 of them I cannot do. I'll be pouring a lot of "Free XP" (i.e. Genie Lamps, Lamps from Achievement Diaries, Penguins, Juna, etc.) into Herblore and Farming as those are the skills with the greatest deficiency. What are some tasks that will help me improve my Herblore and Farming in specific as well? Daily: Purchase Battlestaves (Money) Work on Etcetrian Kingdom (Money) Jade Vine Monster (XP) Slay Bork (XP) (Money) Collect Sand from Bert (Items) Collect Seaweed and Pineapples (From Who..?) Weekly: Tears of Guthix (XP) Penguin Points (XP) Circus (XP) Farming/Herblore Specific: Run Farming Patch Routes Vinesweeper Etcetrian Kingdom Rewards Jade Vine Monster (After Back to My Roots Quest) Surely there is more! EDIT: I did find the Newsletter "Don't Forget Your Chores"to be interesting but not that great. Anything else from the community?
  7. This is most definitely the 147th quest [hide=]In Alphabetical Order 1 All Fired Up (Members) 2 Animal Magnetism (Members) 3 Another Slice of H.A.M. (Members) 4 As a First Resort... (Members) 5 Back to my Roots (Members) 6 Between a Rock... (Members) 7 Big Chompy Bird Hunting (Members) 8 Biohazard (Members) 9 Black Knights' Fortress 10 Cabin Fever (Members) 11 Catapult Construction (Members) 12 Clock Tower (Members) 13 Cold War (Members) 14 Contact! (Members) 15 Cook's Assistant 16 Creature of Fenkenstrain (Members) 17 Darkness of Hallowvale (Members) 18 Dealing with Scabaras (Members) 19 Death Plateau (Members) 20 Death to the Dorgeshuun (Members) 21 Defender of Varrock (Members) 22 Demon Slayer 23 Desert Treasure (Members) 24 Devious Minds (Members) 25 The Dig Site (Members) 26 Doric's Quest 27 Dragon Slayer 28 Dream Mentor (Members) 29 Druidic Ritual (Members) 30 Dwarf Cannon (Members) 31 Eadgar's Ruse (Members) 32 Eagles' Peak (Members) 33 The Elemental Workshop I (Members) 34 The Elemental Workshop II (Members) 35 Enakhra's Lament (Members) 36 Enlightened Journey (Members) 37 Ernest The Chicken 38 The Eyes of Glouphrie (Members) 39 A Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains (Members) 40 A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen (Members) 41 The Family Crest (Members) 42 The Feud (Members) 43 Fight Arena (Members) 44 Fishing Contest (Members) 45 Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf (Members) 46 The Fremennik Isles (Members) 47 The Fremennik Trials (Members) 48 Garden of Tranquillity (Members) 49 Gertrude's Cat (Members) 50 Ghosts Ahoy (Members) 51 The Giant Dwarf (Members) 52 Goblin Diplomacy 53 The Golem (Members) 54 The Grand Tree (Members) 55 The Great Brain Robbery (Members) 56 Grim Tales (Members) 57 Hand in the Sand (Members) 58 Haunted Mine (Members) 59 Hazeel Cult (Members) 60 Heroes' Quest (Members) 61 Holy Grail (Members) 62 Horror From The Deep (Members) 63 Icthlarin's Little Helper (Members) 64 Imp Catcher 65 In Aid of the Myreque (Members) 66 In Search of the Myreque (Members) 67 Jungle Potion (Members) 68 Kennith's Concerns (Members) 69 King's Ransom (Members) 70 The Knight's Sword 71 Land of the Goblins (Members) 72 Legacy of Seergaze (Members) 73 Legends' Quest (Members) 74 Lost City (Members) 75 The Lost Tribe (Members) 76 Lunar Diplomacy (Members) 77 Making History (Members) 78 Meeting History (Members) 79 Merlin's Crystal (Members) 80 Monk's Friend (Members) 81 Monkey Madness (Members) 82 Mountain Daughter (Members) 83 Mourning's Ends Part I (Members) 84 Mourning's Ends Part II (The Temple Of Light) (Members) 85 Murder Mystery (Members) 86 My Arm's Big Adventure (Members) 87 Nature Spirit (Members) 88 Observatory Quest (Members) 89 Olaf's Quest (Members) 90 One Small Favour (Members) 91 The Path of Glouphrie (Members) 92 Perils of Ice Mountain (Members) 93 Pirate's Treasure 94 Plague City (Members) 95 Priest in Peril (Members) 96 Prince Ali Rescue 97 Rag and Bone Man (Members) 98 Rat Catchers (Members) 99 Recipe for Disaster (Members) 100 Recruitment Drive (Members) 101 Regicide (Members) 102 The Restless Ghost 103 Rocking Out (Members) 104 Romeo & Juliet 105 Roving Elves (Members) 106 Royal Trouble (Members) 107 Rum Deal (Members) 108 Rune Mysteries 109 Scorpion Catcher (Members) 110 Sea Slug (Members) 111 Shades of Mort'ton (Members) 112 Shadow of the Storm (Members) 113 Sheep Herder (Members) 114 Sheep Shearer 115 Shield of Arrav 116 Shilo Village (Members) 117 Slug Menace (Members) 118 Smoking Kills (Members) 119 A Soul's Bane (Members) 120 Spirit of Summer (Members) 121 Spirits of the Elid (Members) 122 Summer's End (Members) 123 Swan Song (Members) 124 Swept Away (Members) 125 Tai Bwo Wannai Trio (Members) 126 A Tail of Two Cats (Members) 127 Tears of Guthix (Members) 128 Temple of Ikov (Members) 129 Throne of Miscellania (Members) 130 TokTz-Ket-Dill (Members) 131 The Tourist Trap (Members) 132 Tower of Life (Members) 133 Tree Gnome Village (Members) 134 Tribal Totem (Members) 135 Troll Romance (Members) 136 Troll Stronghold (Members) 137 Underground Pass (Members) 138 Vampire Slayer 139 Wanted! (Members) 140 Watchtower (Members) 141 Waterfall Quest (Members) 142 What Lies Below (Members) 143 While Guthix Sleeps (Members) 144 Witch's House (Members) 145 Witch's Potion 146 Wolf Whistle (Members) 147 Zogre Flesh Eaters (Members)[/hide]
  8. The Penguin "thing" doesn't appear to be a mini-game rather sort of random events (focused in typical training ground maybe or occurs whenever you do extensive training?) like others have been saying. I don't enjoy "Power-Leveling" any skill as it's repetitive and if I'm going to spend an hour doing something I'd want it to be enjoyable/educational/varied. Think about it. When you are chopping Magic Trees, you suddenly see a beak popping out of the tree. Quick investigate and you've found yourself a Penguin in Leletya! It will at least break the monotony of *Click* *wait for tree to stop producing logs* *watch out for random events* *click when tree respawns*. Also We have to fight Arrav :shock: . I read the Legend of Arrav over and he will be leading a Mahjarrat's army into Varrock. Looks like we simply have to use the Shield of Arrav to "dispel" all of the enemies magic as well as to destroy his undead legions. Only wild card is Arrav. That's what'll be different. Once we kill him we will probably be thanked for releasing his soul from the bonds of the evil Zemouregal.
  9. You have a very lax position on surgery (which is definitely intriguing)! I would be devastated if I "required" surgery also can you really call any surgery "minor" it's still an intricate process that takes years of schooling and observation before they even let you into the operating room... Nonetheless I've known office professionals who spend their entire day in front of a computer monitor and have no visible degradation of eyesight aside from a bit of "eye fatigue" by the end of the day. Being somewhere near an open window can help out a lot. Focusing on the computer can "bore" your eyes so stimulate them with a greater amount of the light spectrum!
  10. Well when it comes to Pregnant women they can work in front of computer monitors and have no risk to the child. Plus as a baby develops further the risks of Teratogens become less and less. Reason for relevancy: Teratogens (Smoking, Alchohol, etc.) = Bad for Pregnant Mothers Computer Monitors and other low radiation emitting devices = Not bad for Pregnant Mother Runescape = Computer Monitor radiation Runescape = Not bad for Pregnant mother. In regards to sitting around with moving only your arm and fingers to control mouse and keys that's a different story. Improper posture can lead to nasty back injuries as well as a hunched back from slouching. Obesity can be a result as well. If there is a minimum of exercise in someones lifestyle as well as improper food choices (i.e. McDonald's Hamburgers for Lunch and Dinner, accompanied by empty-calorie (lacking carbohydrates or protein) foods) then this person will be in great trouble. Keep in mind though that there are some "Professional" gamers that spend most of their day in front of a computer screen and maintain relative physical fitness. This could easily come from a balanced diet and exercise. You can't Pwn nubs if you don't get your wheaties in the morning ;)
  11. Well this thread is rife with speculation about the 150th quest so I'm posting my concern here. Look at how interconnected nearly all of the quest arcs are. The Mahjarrat, the Fremmineks (finding stone of Jas), Juna and the Tears of Guthix, Fist of Guthix mini-game, the druids, the elves, the vampyre ores, the GNOMES for goodness sake! My biggest fear is that Jagex will make a clean sweep of all their untied ends. Personally I enjoy the stories that are told through the quests. I actually stopped playing Runescape because I had beaten all the quests I could (Desert Treasure too weak of heart and Recipe for Disaster because of DT) and was awaiting a full plate of quests to return! If Jagex ties the Vampyres, the Elves, the Mahjarrat, and these History quests together than we'll have so few of the arcs left! In terms of distance across the world of Runescape look at how far apart the Vampyres and the elves are! Why would they be consorting or involved at all? They involve opposite forces fighting their own separate battles! Although this signal beacon in a new up coming quest could mean danger for Varrock and the world west of Canafis. Perhaps the Vampyres really are spreading their wings and sucking the life out of another area (pun intended). Simply put I hope that Jagex does not try to wrap up several stories into one quest line. I do not believe that on over-arcing evil mastermind throughout Runescape would best satisfy the hunt for adventure and mystery that my fellow questers and I search for. Would it be at all satisfying knowing that there is an ultimate "Bad Guy" out there but you only get to fight his generals again and again (in quests mind you, the God Wars Dungeon, oddly enough does exactly that)?
  12. Pretty good set of articles. I thought the first was pretty philosophical as it's like Social contract theory. Very nice. Also enjoyed the second article. I didn't quit from the updates more so because of time issues but the new stuff really has wowed me back and I look forward to a time when I've got a good month free to work hard on all these new skills, quests, mini-games, and really explore the new Runescape HD world!
  13. I agree with the dismay on having to purchase the shards. Nearly every skill is "free" to train. Construction was the obvious money drain for RS so we can't really call Summoning a new money drain (50 coins x a billion shards isn't as much as 99 construction (exaggeration)). Just keep in mind that Jagex said that there would be another chunk given and THAT MEANS by the time the second chunk is available they would receive feedback and make necessary changes. So speak people! Speak and ye shall be heard by the almighty Jagex and your concerns will receive equal consideration! Ye and verily!
  14. To be honest Summoning isn't the thing that drew me back into the Runescape mix. But it is a nice little bonus for getting members again a couple days ago. Nonetheless the skill seems pretty darn interesting and I'm incredibly thankful for the fact that I can see exactly how hungry and how big my kitten has become. I was hoping for a little more help with skills but it'll take a good deal off of Slayer for me. I'm really looking forward to some guides on leveling up Summing super fast so I can no life over the summer for 99 Hunter and Summoning :) That'd be the day.
  15. I liked this reply very much. I think that Jagex would want people to say that they are satisfied with the game. That's the goal they're looking for, the more you play, the more you will want to join to be a member and further your experience. Thus if you've been playing for a good long time you're more likely to become a member.
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