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  1. Wow, we tumbled down the rabbit hole fast there, huh? We started by trying to fix the economy but ended up on okaying RWT. Im a tad bit disappointed we didnt make it onto bringing back the old Pest control or trying to flog some other long dead horse. And while the G.E is a problem on some levels in regard to inflation, I think some people dont realise that the reason the GE price is going up is due to things outside of the G.E. Anyway even if you took any the G.E today I think alot of the problems associated with it would still exist. The are other price data bases out there and people are oragnised enough so I think clan merchanting would still exist, and the amount of money people have would not change so prices would still be as high, they'd just be more likely to freeze imo, My short sighted two cents on the problem really see another huge over haul of the pking system being the beginings of a solution. My limited knowledge lead me to conclude that 76king and high profit PKing being a cause of inflation. However I doubt JaGex are willing to change anything Pk related as they've messed with it alot over the last couple years and upset alot of people.
  2. Awesome, I like it when they support the quests with a lore/history story, gives it more depth imo.
  3. I love people arguing about whose got more power or who is more important between MMG and Andrew. They probably both have alot of people to answer to, I doubt either could walk into JaGex HQ and demand work being started on a new skill. But like the rest of you I actually have no idea what so ever. The reason that I think you get more straight answers from Andrew is that, unlike MMG, hes probably not got to worry about stepping on the developers toes by announcing stuff early.
  4. I think a lot of the Demo argument boils down to different peoples take on what a demo is, Not that google is the Lord and Master of definitions, but to me neither of those remind me of Rs f2p. Historically I think Rs f2p cannot be called a demo, the P2p aspect where built as an expansion. The difference being between the expansion of say FPS multiplayer maps and P2P MMO content being that the P2P MMO content will likely become boring fast and to justify a monthly fee being payed out needs constant expanding. So the P2P elements grew and grew while the F2P game stayed relatively the same. Just because the payed aspects now dwarf the free aspects in some ways does not reduce the free game to being a demo at all, imo. Anyway I guess it doesnt matter, peoples perceptions of a demo are just different. Personally I dont believe you can call a game with hundreds of hours of content (if not thousands) and no real ending a demo, regardless of how much bigger the P2p aspect is.
  5. That blows the idea of Rs requiring no skill what so ever argument out of the window, however outside of pvp I agree with you that little skill is required for the majority of the game. Personally I think that's were knowledge and exploration take over though. In Halo for example you can learn a map(s) in minutes, the skill of manipulating and using the maps is where an advantage is gained. In Rs though you could train a skill for hours and hours and realise that you've wasted alot of time. There may have been a faster or cheaper way to train you had no idea about and as a result the more knowledgeable players are generally the more successful (although I accept measuring success in Rs is difficult).
  6. While I like the idea of playing as an Vampire or Werewolf I really cant get round the imparticalities of it. So I like the idea that current players would get to switch races for a fee, thats cool, no one really thats to start a new account for no reason, but what about new players? Is a level 3 Werewolf or Elf gonna spawn in lummy and go shear sheep for farmer fred? Seems a bit strange to me. The only fix to this would be multiple start points, and personally I wouldn't like to be a lvl 3 in Canafis. The other issue for me here would be that a lot of quests would need to be rewritten. Im not sure HAM would have really let me wonder around their base while Im an Orc. And if what your actually proposing is that the Races are purely there for a slight bonus and aesthetic change that I just dont thinks its worth the time and effort that would go into it. The ability to constantly change races would, for me at least, mean races would lose their identity. Meeting an Elf in regecide, for example, for the first time would not be as novel if one had been screaming "Noob" at you for the last hour in castle wars. Unfortunately while I like the idea I think the only good way to implement it into a game is to build it directly into the core of the game, not tack it on later. Also I think Orcs are Rad, so I'd probably be an Orc.
  7. Meh... I currently dont have it but I really wouldn't mind if I did. JaGex are probably making a shed load of money from it, which aint bad imo.
  8. [/hide] I can't really see how this leads to slayer being a wonderful skill with depth. Rewards? Extra strength and attack boost? :thumbup: These are just benefits and boosts when training the skill itself, to help you get the Slayer EXP faster. But this doesn't mean that slayer is a well thought out and unique skill. Change of pace? :thumbup: I thought RuneScape is a game of choice, and I can choose to kill any monster of any amount at anytime, in any method. It just that most people can't be bothered to, and they need an NPC to help them change the pace a little. The Extra attack and strenght help you train your combat stats faster as well as your slayer. And, granted it may boil down to being told by an NPC what to do, It means your more apt to explore. Why would anyone go all the way out to the Mos Le'harmless caves if not for a slayer monster. Once your out there though you might realise that they drop something thats fairly valuable and actually its a decent place to train.
  9. Best solution imo, there's no reason that F2p shouldn't be able to show off their achievements but at the same time if your committed enough to the game to get a f2p 99 that there's no reason why you cant be committed enough to pay £5. I think it really boils down to F2pers who love to say their pure F2p and then dont want to pay for the cape as then they cant prove they were F2p for the duration of getting their 99.
  10. Cant say its ever happened to me but it doesn't surprise me, still pretty pathetic of them though.
  11. Everything Omali said its spot on imo, Anyway If the door leads to Zaros' encampment then that would suggest he was/or his forces were active during the God wars and the freezing of the GWD which does not seem correct at all. My guess would be whats behind the door is what ever the four gods forces were there fighting to obtain and I doubt they were battling it out just to fight Zaros, but meh... who knows.
  12. Im not really a very tech savy person but the fact the forums are hosted on 1GB of RAM is insane is it not? Im pretty excited for Mechscape, It seems to be building up steam nicely.
  13. I only ever lend things to my friends really, and when I lend to random people its usually for free. I guess in that situation I'd just give them their money back,
  14. Im surprised by the lack of Monty python refrences, maybe the modern Jagex developer has a more diverse sense of humour. Though I do love me some Monty python.
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