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  1. Have an awesome Birthday!

  2. fishing in the guild

  3. Mithril_Max

    Get over it

    I don't wanna get over it and here are the reasons why....
  4. I logged on after the update and I was skulled from my last pking trip... si we went into f2p varrock and started screaming "PKING IS BACK OMG EVERYONE! I GOT SKULLED AGAIN!!!!" lol
  5. my shool banned hugging :( people get detentions all the time from it
  6. in p2p pking comes in bags! but yeah p2p pking took a helluva lot of skill considering the amount of people with ancient magics and beefed up food, weapons, pots, among other things
  7. I had a dream the other night where people would be let out of a gate immediately followed by zombie-like people and they had to outrun the zombies and jump in to a fiery pit in order to be killed without having to suffer through being eaten alive.... pretty cool until it was my turn and the closed the pit :(
  8. That's right kids, duck....and covah!
  9. I used tab and enter to get past level 2 and now im at level three... I switched the url to /on/ and im stuck now :EDIT: Ok I got to the REAL level 5 and I'm done for the day
  10. It's just barely not worth it... as a fisher and wc'er I'm happy that my skilling is finally gonna start paying off but I wish they could have kept the wilderness and duel arena at least... and everyone that says that they didn't affect the game too much... why the hell are you so mad they are gone if they didnt have any monumental changes on the game!?
  11. I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of me gnawing on this cow leg (jk)
  12. I'm thinking of a sword fight against 6 pirates, 4 of their parrots and a dog. and the president and his daughters are tied up on the crows nest and the whole ship is burning! and then I finish them all off and the the Captain jumps down with his shotgun/Cutlass and it is a valiant battle until the ship starts sinking, wich is the point where I deliver the final blow and he lays there motionless with blood slowly running down from his head and mouth. I grab the president and we begin to get on the speedboat when he pops up behind me and BOOM shotgun blows a hole through my chest and I fall into the water. Of course that was all he could muster up and he just dies on the deck as the president escapes with his daughters on the boat I would love to die this way!
  13. Now there truly is no honor in the wilderness, LOL AT PKERSHONORCODE but seriously I remember how everyone used to complain about Safers and 1 itemers, now we have ungodly killing machines that can eat like mad and drop next to nothing.
  14. I quit.... but I hang around because I enjoy reading rants :)
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