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The Story Of the Barbarian Invasion parts one two and three!


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The Story Of the Barbarian Invasion:Part one The invasion
















Blood spilled, guts poured, countless of people were slaughtered in that terrible invasion. Skulls were smashed, brains were crushed by those terribly uncivilized people.




It started out on a fine day. Fredrick was in the training area of the White Knights castle, where he worked as a white knight acotlyte. " Well another boring day for another boring patrol." said Fredrick glumly. Then Falador's ambassador rushed into the training arena blood on his face, and his arms severed. "Glub bub gah quack bubunhgjs." mumbled the ambassador, who dropped dead on the ground as soon as the "s" was pronounced. Fredrick was very concerned, the ambassador was sent to Lumbridge for negociations the newbs and noobie civilians and guards couldn't have killed him. So he must've gotten injured before he made it to Lumbridge. "It could be the Black Knights" inquired Tomas, the captain of the patrol of the city gates and perimeters. "Impossible, that one guy defeated the black knights months ago." said Fredrick. "Oh yeah." thoughts rushed through Fredricks mind. Unfortunatly they were going too fast that i didn't have a chance to write them down.








Another day, another boring disaster, thought Fredrick as he awoke from his slumber. He wasn't dissapointed however, civilians have reported seeing their friends and family get shot with arrows and sliced with flying axes, thrown by vague figures that they couldn't reconise. This is sooo boring, thought Fredrick. The rest of the day was calm so there wasn't much to write about i'll skip to the next day.






This day was boring too. I'll just skip to the next week. Oh yeah and if you are wondering what happened in the week I'll tell you. Eat, patrol, train, eat again, train again, polish armor, patrol again, repeat that about 7 times and you got the week.






Next week at percisly 3pm, it happened. A loud screaming was heard in the distance. The screaming turned to yelling, then hollering. then chanting aloud."Atackattackattackattackattackattackattack" Then, BOOM! A huge explosion was heard. barbarians flooded the city. Now we are where i started out and i won't tell it again. After the surviving townspeople fled to the underground tunnels, the city was in ruins what that was once a great and powerful city was now a huge ruin even the castle lay in bits.














To be continued............................................


































Well thats part one of my story please tell me how i can improve part two and please don't say spelling and grammar i know because i really wrote this at 8:00pm

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Actually I like this better than your other stuff. Actually has some kind of plot along with the comedy of it. You kind of switch from serious to comical rather abrubt and sometimes it creeps me out I have to admit, lol. The actual attack could have been drawn out to make it more action packed and such let's see where you take it though.

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The Story of The Barbarian Invasion


Part Two:A New Hope








Well lets start where i left off shall we?








Well Fredrick was the only knight left in the castle. "OH MY GOD!!!! THEY HAVE ABANDONED ME!" shouted Fredrick aloud. "Well not all of us Fredrick...." Fredrick spun around and saw Tomas his old friend hanging from a flag pole by the undergarments. "Hmmm this looks funny i will name it wedgie." said Fredrick. "Can you please get me down from here? This underwear cost me a fortune cause its made out of dragonhide." said Tomas"Ooooo! Oh no i think my buttocks are chafing now oh wait thats only a scratch." "Fine I'll get you down Mr.Bossy." Then he got Tomas off the pole. "Now that that is over what are we gonna do about though barbarians?" Asked Tomas. "Well we could use my invention the wedgie on them." said Fredrick snickering."No their underpants are hard to give a wedgie to." said Tomas. "Hmm we could get a job in a patent office." said an unknown voice behind them. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Oh wait the unknown voice actually belonged to Prince Rillian who was noogied so he had a slight bald spot on his head. "Your highness you frightened us!" said the two knights in unison. "Sorry, so do you want to work in a patent office?" "No we don't we wanna wipe out the barbarians." said Fredrick. "No we......." began Tomas "Shut Up!" whispered Fredrick harshly. "I mean yes we do want to kill the barbarians." said Tomas. "Well, If you guys are going to kill barbarians, you need better armor than white armor."said Rillian. So with that the prince got the duo sky blue armor with [bleep]y edges made out of gold. "Brutal Runeite Armor."explained the prince"Best armor next to dragon." So the two put on the runenite armor but found that the rune platebody rejected them. They remembered that to wear rune stuff they had to kill the dragon Elvarg on Crandor Isle. They decided to team up on the dragon. So, wearing their best armor which was Brutal Adamant Armor, they went to slay the beast.With a dragon scimitar in hand and coca cola in inventory they teamed on the dragon. The poor dragon never had a chance. They wiped it out with one Fire Wave spell and three hits with their dragon scimitars. They feared the beast might be alive so they forced coca cola down its throat, for water kills all fire breathing dragons and coca cola was closly related to water. Then they put on their rune platebpdies proudly but found that to go to the bath room the platelegs had to go entirely off."We are not ready to fight the barbarians yet." said Fredrick abrubtly. "What do you mean? we have the second best armor and everything."said Tomas."Well imagine this, even though we have the second best armor in all of Gielinor there are hundreds of barbarians and only two of us. Do you really think we have a chance?"said Fredrick logically. "Well no" said Tomas sadly. "We will have to build up an army." So with that the two started hanging posters all over Gielinor(except where barbarians lived) They were recruiting people to join the army. Within a few short days they had over one thousand men and over 500 women in their army. "Now the only problem is training these freeloaders into disciplined warriors."




























Uhhhh this may take a while, for the people in the army are indeed strong but are undisciplined and are freeloaders that waltz into people's houses without their prior knowlege.


















TO BE CONTINUED?.........................




















Don't miss The Story Of the Barbarian Invasion:Part three: The Big Bad Battle O:)

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